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Friday, August 28, 2015

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The Dudley Boyz Return

By @TrueGodImmortal

The tag team division has been on a weird rollercoaster over the last decade or so in WWE, though tag team wrestling as a whole is booming in general(indies are keeping the art alive). In the WWE, the tag division has suffered very much through the years but with the return of the Dudley Boyz to the company, could things be headed for improvement??

The New Day just won back the tag team titles, The Usos are headed back, and The Prime Time Players are also a mainstay in the division. Despite this, what lacked very much in the division was a veteran tag team to help push the younger guys and to excite the fans. The Dudley Boyz provide that. The Dudleyz are one of the greatest tag teams ever, are still in good shape and can perform well in the ring. It seems as if this could be their last run, so what better place to do it than WWE?

The Dudleyz vs The New Day is already off to a great start, with the few interactions being damn near classic. What's next to come for this feud? We still have plenty of time to find out and I can only hope this is a long feud between the two teams. We haven't had an exciting long tag team title feud in years.

It is expected at some point that The Dudleyz will work with The Wyatts as that had been hinted at since 2015 began. Regardless, the Dudleyz are back and that is a great thing for both WWE and the fans.



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