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Monday, August 10, 2015

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Why Stardust vs. "Arrow" Shouldn't Happen

Wrestling and "celebrity guest star who randomly gets involved in the wrestling world--shattering kayfabe to a degree--only to, most the time, kick the ass of some loudmouth wrestler who'd been egging them on" go hand in hand like Sunny and egg yolks. In other words, there are a lot of zeros involved in the whole idea. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that WWE's insistence of pushing a match between Stephen Amell (of The CW's Arrow) and Stardust takes the cake for most ass-backwards, unnecessary feud in recent memory. And we're talking a company who thinks LOLCENAWINS is a legitimate strategy for every time the ratings drop off.

First, the payoff has been delayed to the point that most people who'd care? They don't. Second, this feud isn't Summerslam-worthy. You want to push Amell vs. Stardust, you do it at a show like Payback. Why? Well, you don't ruin an A-show with bullshit and you raise the profile of the B-show through having the celebrity fuckery. I guess that WWE still feels that by tossing [insert celebrity here] into a show, they'll magically get Attitude Era-level ratings. But, no. When the idea of the celebrity guest is a, seemingly, biweekly thing? Its impact is diluted.

The third reason why this feud should've died a while ago is simple. People don't want Stardust as he is now. While I respect that he's paying homage to his father Dusty in this gimmick, it's fallen flat. When Stardust debuted, I found him to be like the Mr. Hyde to his older brother's Dr. Jekyll. He was a loose cannon. Stardust was interesting. He was a departure from the same ol' shit. But, of course, leave it to WWE to run something good in the hole. I feel the character--and Cody himself--can be redeemed. But, it's going to take some serious retconning and rejuvenation of interest in the character. How could that be achieved? For starters, getting as far the fuck away from this match as possible. 

Ultimately, it doesn't look like this clusterfuck of a match will be ignored. And, for better or worse, Stephen "Arrow" Amell is pretty used to taking bumps of sorts and having the crap beat out of him. So, it won't be a complete Lawrence Taylor versus Bam Bam Bigelow fiasco; it'll be at least halfway believeable. 

Nevertheless, it's one of those things that should be avoided like John Cena if you're an upper-midcard talent looking to main event.


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