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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Can We Not? Volume Eight: Ten Hits, One Kill

The finisher.

For years, after a talent went through their signatures, they'd gear up to, well, finish their opponent. The Stunner, The Rock Bottom, hell...even the AA. But somewhere along the way, finishers became less of a finale and more of a middle of the match event. If my memory recalls correctly, it was around the time of our beloved Attitude Era.

But that wasn't enough! No. Soon, promotions saw fit to have ten RKOs lead to nine AA's in a 35-minute match which some yum-yum with the IQ of three thought was the greatest thing to happen to wrestling. No. That's the greatest thing to happen in Street Fighter. Unlimited combos and super moves to the point of exhaustion. Wrestling is supposed to be more about the psychology of the match, not JUST who hits harder.

You don't see Floyd Mayweather just beating the crap out of everyone because reasons. If he went in with that philosophy, he'd have a lot of blemishes on his record. Now, if you can mix philosophy in with this hard-hitting style, a la Cena/Cesaro or Punk/Cena in 2011, you've got a classic in the making. If not? Well, you've got my latest entry in the Can We Not Series: spammed finishers ad nauseum.

Now, be aware: this isn't just a WWE problem. Every promotion these days, from TNA to NJPW to the random backyard promotions get into this creative rut, effectively rendering most of their talent during big matches spot monkeys (can we talk about the connotations of that term next "Racism in Wrestling," True?) and dilutes the power and effectiveness of the finisher.

So, what do I propose? Less million-finisher matches. Duh. Simple as that.


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