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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Rebooking: The Summer Of Punk

By @FatherTone

After winning a series of matches against top contenders Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio, it was announced that CM Punk, leader of the New Nexus, would be the number 1 contender to John Cena's WWE Championship. On the June 27th 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw, CM Punk sat atop of the entrance ramp after the main event and delivered what is considered by many, one of the greatest promos of all time, the infamous “Pipebomb”. Punk talked about everything wrong with the company all the politics and the ass kissing that ruined the WWE. It all ended with Punk stating that at the next PPV “Money In The Bank”, he would win the WWE Championship and leave the WWE with the belt. This would result in all eyes on the wrestling world. Everyone was reporting about the infamous promo the next day and it was just what the WWE needed heading into their next PPV. Over the next few weeks, we would see Punk get suspended, reinstated and even try and renegotiate his deal with Vince McMahon live on Raw. On the final episode of Raw before Money in the Bank, Vince McMahon announced that if John Cena lost the WWE title he would be FIRED the following night on Raw. CM Punk would go on and win the world title from Cena, exit the building, and leave the WWE just like he said he would. He then returned 8 days later, challenged John Cena again to see who the true WWE champion was at Summerslam, and won that match as well. He then lost the title after being attacked by Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio cashing in, lost to Triple H the following month at Night of Champions, lost again to Del Rio the following month at the Hell in a Cell PPV, and lost to Miz and R-Truth the following month at Vengeance before finally winning the title back at the Survivor Series from Alberto Del Rio. He would go on to have one of the longest WWE Title reigns of modern history. During this period of time CM Punk lost a lot of momentum and that’s where I step in. This is how I Would’ve booked the Summer of Punk.

How I Would’ve Booked It:  
So everything leading up to the match at Money in the Bank was fine. The promos, the segment where Vince tried to renegotiate Punks deal was all entertaining TV and it made the fans excited to see if Punk could actually win and would he leave. The only thing I would’ve changed is the stipulation where Cena would get fired, and instead change it to as long as CM Punk was champion, he’d never be able to fight for the WWE title. CM Punk would go on to beat Cena at Money in the Bank and he would leave the company not for 8 days, not for 8 weeks, but until the Road to Wrestlemania began. The next night on Raw you have Vince come out and announce that due to legal reasons, there couldn’t be another WWE champion until Punk lost the belt and he goes on to announce that since there’s only one world title left, there would be a company wide tournament to determine who would face the then World heavyweight champion, Randy Orton at the night of Champions pay per view. Cena, who realizes he can compete in this tournament goes to enter and wins the entire thing, beating Randy Orton at Night of Champions and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Kevin Nash comes out and attacks Cena, leaving him laid out in the middle of the ring allowing Daniel Bryan to cash in his Smackdown briefcase and win the World Heavyweight Championship, jumpstarting the “Yes Yes Yes” gimmick for Daniel Bryan. The following night, Nash comes out and explains that Vince paid him off to attack Cena, ensuring “Someone as unreliable as Cena doesn’t hold a world championship in this company ever again". So while Cena is preoccupied with Kevin Nash and Vince and whoever they throw in his way the next few months, you have Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight title against top stars like Orton, Christian, Miz, Sheamus, etc. Finally, after ridding the WWE of Kevin Nash and overcoming every obstacle Vince has thrown his way, John Cena earns the right to compete for Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship at the TLC pay per view that year.

After a long grueling TLC match, John Cena is victorious but worn out from the match. Alberto Del Rio, Raw's MITB winner, comes out and cashes in on John Cena proclaiming “If there is no WWE championship, I’ll be forced to take your title” or something to that effect the following night on Raw. That same night on Raw you have Del Rio, Bryan and Cena all campaigning to HHH that they all deserve to be the world heavyweight champion. Not knowing who should be the rightful champion, HHH announces that at the Royal Rumble that year, the winner of the Royal Rumble would become the rightful World heavyweight champion. Daniel Bryan, Del Rio, and Cena all enter as 1, 2 and 3 respectfully and go the distance. After it’s all said and done Daniel Bryan wins the rumble and regains the World heavyweight championship. The next night on Raw, Bryan proclaims to be “The Best wrestler in the world” and that no one can touch him, you know a full-fledged heel “im better than everyone promo. Then out of nowhere “Cult of Personality” hits. Everyone is like “who the hell is this”, and out from behind the curtain emerges CM Punk back to challenge Daniel Bryan to see who the rightful world champion and who's really “The Best in the world”. So at Mania, the Main event is Set, WWE Champion CM Punk vs World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan for both straps to see who truly is the best in the world. And at this point, I don’t know who should win, the unbeaten champion or the man who beat everyone, so I’ll let you all decide. So that’s how I would’ve booked the “Summer Of Punk”. Let me know how you would’ve booked it and what you want to see me re-book next.



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