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Friday, September 25, 2015

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Returns and Roster Debuts

By @SteveSignore

Expect the WWE to start injecting some new faces into the frey, along with a familiar one over the next few months. What better way to start than with the bearded elephant in the room, Daniel Bryan. Reportedly cleared by his personal doctor, Bryan has been on the sidelines since April. While the WWE isn't starved for more babyface performers they could certainly use Bryan. How will Bryan be used when, and if, he returns? Personally, I think the writing is on the wall.

What better way than to have him return, looking to regain his IC Title (which he never actually lost), from fellow independent darling Kevin Owens? These matches have the potential to steal the show, albeit if Bryan can maintain a clean bill of health. Dream matches anyone? While this rivalry gains steam, there is the potential the WWE introduces Samoa Joe in a separate storyline. These two had a well known rivalry during the mid-2000s while with ROH, and I'm sure Triple H will nudge Vince and company to at least explore the idea of rekindling this feud within a WWE ring. I'll predict they meet face to face during the Royal Rumble match in January.

When Bryan and Joe go off and do their own thing, Owens will need a new opponent. What better way to bring back Sami Zayn?

Best case scenario would be a surprise return during an Owens in-ring promo, where Owens is doing the cliched, "nobody in the back can beat me" routine. There is the thought that Zayn has yet to make a mark in the WWE enough to warrant a crowd reaction. It's understandable. But WWE can make it work, especially if Zayn gets a few weeks to regain his legs in NXT prior to his return. Maybe a vignette here or there, or even footage just reminding the WWE Universe about his U.S. Title match
with John Cena. They can make it work and they should make it work.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass? These guys are ready for the big time, especially Enzo. Did you see the NXT after Takeover in Brooklyn (which was actually recorded at Takeover)? The crowd reaction? Enzo has the fanbase by the balls in NXT and, if done correctly, he can do the same in the WWE. A great way to use Enzo's gift of gab is having him and Cass come in and challenge the New Day. Enzo and Xavier seem like great verbal sparring partners! And maybe you ease in Enzo and Cass for a few months, THEN have them challenge the New Day, that's fine. But it seems too good to resist.

Bad News Barrett needs to become something this time around. Barrett clearly has all of the characteristics of a heel, but it's just not working. Turns some of your babyfaces (Reigns, Ziggler, Usos) heel, to balance out the roster, and have Barrett try something he's yet to try in the WWE. It's likely an idea WWE already had as Stardust took out Barrett on his way out the door.

Last but not least, Jericho. We got a taste at NOC of Jericho and where his character is headed. Expect a match, and maybe a short run, between Jericho and Ambrose heading into Survivor Series.



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