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Sunday, September 13, 2015

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ROH Review 9/12/15

By Nathan Neumann (Twitter: @Headliner5 )

Hello once again wrestling fans and Eyes On The Ring readers, Nathan here once again for another one of my weekly Ring Of Honor TV reviews for http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com this episode of ROH TV sort of served as the go home show to this Friday night’s All Star Extravaganza 7 PPV and was taped from the 2300 arena (former ECW Arena) so without any further hesitation lets dive in shall we?

Match 1
Donovan Dijak and J Diesel vs. reDRagon

Thoughts: The action begins with both teams adhering to the code of honor as Jay Lethal makes his way down to the ring in order to join the commentary table to hype his respective PPV Championship matches against both members of reDRagon. Lethal doesn’t care that O’Reilly has beaten him in the past, the only thing that matters is the here and the now because right now he is the greatest professional wrestler alive at least according to him anyways.

In the ring, O’Reilly pairs off with Diesel and fires up the crowd with a simple slap followed by a pose that fires up Diesel.  Fish and O’Reilly cut the ring off for the first few minutes as they both isolate and work over Diesel who is the weaker member of their team.  Dijak gets involved as the referee is distracted and gets the tag to come into the ring. ReDRagon get control over the match on Dijak by using the brains over brawn technique. Dijak hits a backbreaker on O’Reilly before throwing him out of the ring as we go to break.

Silas Young cuts a great promo for his match with Dalton Castle, which will take place, next weekend at All Star Extravaganza 7.

Back from the break and Dijak has maintained control and gets a one man standing ovation from Lethal.  Diesel tags in and does a few Dave Batista like moves to play up a “Mini Tista” chant that he is receiving from the crowd.  It’s only a matter of time before the HOT have O’Reilly isolated in their corner of the ring.

Fish gets the hot tag from O’Reilly and comes in hitting an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle on Diesel.  O’Reilly follows up with a pin attempt on Diesel which is broken up by Dijak.  O’Reilly and Fish take turns trading chops on the much bigger Dijak, they take him to his knees with kicks and then hit stereo kicks which takes him down to the mat.Fish grabs an ankle lock on Diesel but Dijak is able to break it up.

O’Reilly comes into the ring and jumps Dijak’s back and locks in a sleeper, Fish ends up getting Diesel to tap out to an Ankle Lock after dropping to the canvas.

Match Result: reDRagon defeats Dijak and Diesel via submission after Fish taps Diesel with an Ankle Lock.

Match Rating: **

Once the match is over, Lethal gets in a shouting match with both members of reDRagon and it quickly goes from shouting to physical contact which has to be separated by officials.  Kevin Kelly mentions that the pressure of being a duel champion may be getting to Jay Lethal who may be losing his grip on reality.Back from break and we get a Briscoe’s pre taped promo.  We find out that the Briscoe’s will take on a mystery team at All Star Extravaganza. 

Mark wants King Kong but he will settle for Godzilla.  Jay doesn’t care who his opponents are and talks about Adam Page being a pimple on his ass.Match 2Cedric Alexander vs. Dalton Castle Thoughts: Before the match gets underway, Silas Young joins the commentary table to hype his match with Castle at ASE 7.  Castle gets the pop of the night thanks to his amazing ring entrance; Young goes on to say that Castle is everything that’s wrong with pro wrestling.

Cedric gets early control but the boys are there to run a distraction for their man Dalton, they begin fanning Castle off while the fans chant “Fan Up”." Castle avoids getting hit by Alexander as he charges at him in the corner and lands on the top rope right between his legs as Silas mocks him on commentary.  Veda tries to run interference but the boys star fanning her which causes her to retreat and think better about what she was going to do.  Corino then says that Veda’s probably a witch and that he would like to test the theory by pouring water on her.

After a break Alexander has control and mocks Castle’s strut.  Young puts over Castle on commentary as a great wrestler but takes a pot shot at his lifestyle and tells him that after ASE 7 he will show both Castle and the Boys how to live a real mans life. Young then begins talking about dudes peeing and then says that he’s going to teach the boys how to pee standing up like real men (yes this actually happens go back and watch it).

Castle gains the in ring advantage while Alexander hides behind Scott, Castle hits the tilt a whirl hurricanranna to the outside of the ring while the boys fan both him and Alexander from ringside.  Castle tosses Alexander into the ring and hits a corner-to-corner flying knee.  The two men make their way up to the top rope but Alexander fights his way out of it and goes for a springboard cross body but gets caught in mid air by Castle who nails a belly to back suplex.

Castle hits a dead lift German suplex but Alexander manages to kick out in a very close two count.  The boys begin fanning off Castle some more and Young gets up from the commentary table after apparently seeing enough.  Silas pulls the boys off of the ring apron; this distraction allows Alexander to roll up Dalton Castle to score the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Cedric Alexander defeats Dalton Castle via roll up after Dalton is distracted by his boys being attacked.

Match Rating: **1/2

From here we get the presence of Stokley Hathaway who has a wrench in his hand, he confronts both Alexander and Scott as the fans chant for Moose.  Moose comes in through the crowd and nails Alexander with the Spear as Scott looks on in disbelief.  Moose and Alexander will meet in a no disqualification on Friday night September 18th at All Star Extravaganza 7.

We cut to a pre taped interview with Mandy Leon as she takes us Inside ROH but she’s interrupted by Adam Cole, who needs to apologize for interrupting her a few weeks ago.  He wants to talk about his two matches A 4 way #1 contenders match involving himself, AJ Styles, Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong as well as Kyle O’Reilly’s world Championship match with Jay Lethal.

From there Lethal cuts a taped promo talking about his TV title match with Bobby Fish.  He says he always has someone to watch his back but this time he’s alone and he will prove to be like all the others when he fails to take what he’s got.

We then go to a run down of the rest of the matches that will take place at ASE 7 before heading back inside of the arena for the main event of the evening.

Main Event – Match 3
Michael Bennett and Matt Taven vs. Hanson and Raymond Rowe

Thoughts: Taven is sporting his cut off “Big In Japan” tank top and the Kingdom has new all pink attire, which is a nice change.  War Machine gets early control as they isolate Taven, Taven gets a tag after a couple of minutes but it doesn’t really go in the way of changing much of anything.  Instead Bennett is now the one on the receiving end of a War Machine beating instead of him.  Maria decides to get involved but Hanson puts her on top of Bennett who put her on top of the top rope.  Taven comes into the ring and pulls Hanson out of the ring before they can do anything and we go to break.

Back from break and Hanson is caught in the Kingdom’s corner, Hanson tries to fight his way out but the double teaming from the Kingdom proves too much for one man even as big as Hanson to overcome.  Taven makes his way to the top rope as Hanson throws Bennett into the turnbuckle, which knocks Taven off, Hanson then hits Bennett with a Tilt-A-Whirl slam before tagging in Rowe.

Hanson hits a double dive but gets caught and thrown into the corner, Rowe cleans house on the Kingdom, War Machine sets up for Fallout but Bennett makes sure to come in and break things up so that it can’t happen.  War Machine charge full steam at the Kingdom but the Kingdom ducks which sends both War Machine members to the outside of the ring.  Bennett and Taven try stereo dives to the outside of the ring but both are caught and tossed around the outside by War Machine.  Back in the ring and Rowe hits Taven with a power slam as Hanson gets set up to do a top rope dive but Maria pulls at his leg from the outside.  The distraction allows Bennett to get involved and pull Hanson off of the top rope.

Towards the end of the match, The Young Bucks make their way out to the ring and pull Maria from the ring apron as the fans go insane.  Back in the ring War Machine hits a double choke slam on Bennett and follow it up with Fallout on Taven for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: War Machine defeats The Kingdom via pinfall after Fall Out.

Match Rating: **3/4

Weird choice of a winner here as War Machine aren’t even on the ASE 7 card but I guess that leaves the door open for a possible Kingdom win at the PPV.  We then will probably go into a Kingdom vs. War Machine program for the Tag Team Title’s which if that happens I’m fine with because this match was really good so I would like to see what these four can do with each other if they are given more time to develop something.

The Bucks hit the ring after the match and hit Bennett with a double super kick, out come the KRD who lay out the Bucks with the tag team straps.  The show draws to a conclusion with the ROH World Tag Team Champions posing with their titles as we lead into some promos for their match at ASE 7.

That however will do it for me and another one of my Ring Of Honor reviews for http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com.  This week’s show may have not of been as good as last weeks but this was pretty good for a go home show for ASE 7 which takes place on Friday night September 18th.  In closing make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5, also follow the Eyes On The Ring main account @EyesOnTheRing.

Providing Blog Talk Radio doesn’t give us any issues, we will be going live on Sunday night at 10:00pm EST with Eyes On The Ring radio as we bring you the week that was professional wrestling live via http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork finally make sure to head on over to our facebook page located at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing.com and like us and until next time Ringers when I present yet another one of my ROH reviews, I am Nathan saying so long for now and keep your Eyes On The Ring!


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