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Sunday, September 27, 2015

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ROH Review 9/26

By Nathan Neumann (Twitter @Headliner5 )

Hello everyone another week has passed and another episode of Ring Of Honor Wrestling Television has aired. Thus I am here to post yet another review that will recap the happenings of Saturday's show. This technically was the show after All Star Extravaganza 7, since ROH’s taping schedule is super weird.

But besides that it was a solid hour of wrestling. This show is still part of the tapings that took place inside of the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia so this show actually takes place before ASE. But, since ROH wants you to think otherwise we will go with what ROH tells us. 

The show once again features talent from NJPW as both KUSHIDA and Shinsuke Nakamura were on tonight’s episode and it was a solid hour of wrestling so without any further ado lets get down to breaking down the action that took place.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are once again at ringside to call the action per the usual.

Match 1
Matt Sydal vs. KUSHIDA

Thoughts: KUSHIDA is fresh off of losing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship to Kenny Omega on a show that took place on September 23rd but for continuity purposes KUSHIDA was still the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion when this show took place. The match started out with both guys feeling each other out.  KUSHIDA got the upper hand early on and set the pace for what was to come as he had control.  KUSHIDA hits Sydal with a cartwheel dropkick.

KUSHIDA follows it up with a drop kick that sends Sydal to the outside of the ring. KUSHIDA then follows it up with a senton splash from the top rope to the outside.  Back in the ring KUSHIDA hits a moonsault to pick up a near fall, Sydal kicks out and KUSHIDA hits a flipping back kick and both men are down on the mat.  Sydal finally manages to get some sort of offense in as he hits a reverse Hurricanranna for a near fall, KUSHIDA is out at two and Sydal knees KUSHIDA in the face while KUSHIDA falls over like a dead person. 

The match came to an end when Matt Sydal made his way up to the top rope while KUSHIDA is down on the mat.  Sydal comes off of the top rope with a beautiful shooting star press to pick up the win via pinfall.

Match Result: Matt Sydal defeats KUSHIDA via pinfall after a Shooting Star Press.

Match Result: **1/2

Back from commercial and BJ Whitmer has made his way out to the ring with the rest of the Decade and Steve Corino wants to know when BJ Whitmer’s contract expires.  This isn’t really part of the review just something I found funny that I thought I would share. From here, we go to match two.

Match 2
Will Ferrara vs. Adam Page vs. Takaaki Watanabe vs. Moose
4 Corner Survival

Thoughts: First off let me apologize if this part of the review is lacking in content partly because I hate reviewing four corner survival matches almost as much as I hate watching them. ROH does these things way too much and it’s really starting to become a problem.  The match starts and Ferrara hits a hurricanranna, Adam Page runs in and hits a fall away slam and bridges into a pin for a near fall.

Moose comes in and backdrops Ferrara over the top rope and onto Watanabe who is already on the outside of the ring.  Page who at this point is on the apron flips into the ring to hit his signature slingshot lariat but Moose counters it with a spear in a really cool spot.  Watanabe hits a German suplex on Will Ferrara right on top of his head.  The match comes to an end when Watanabe pins Will Ferrara after hitting an STO.

Match Result: Takaaki Watanabe defeats Will Ferrara, Adam Page and Moose via pinfall after hitting an STO on Ferrara to pick up the deciding fall.

Match Rating: **

From there a really random thing happened at ringside as Bushwhacker Luke makes his way out to the ringside area and licks Mandy Leon on the face. He then licks Steve Corino as I sit on my couch and question what the hell just happened.

From there Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring for the main event of the evening followed by Shinsuke Nakamura.

Main Event – Match 3
Adam Cole vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Thoughts: The crowd absolutely exploded when Nakamura made his way out to the ring, The match began and the two circled around each other before locking up, Nakamura pushes Cole into the rope and then rests his head on Cole’s chest and sways his arms Nakamura style.
Nakamura get the upper hand on the outside of the ring and knees the shit out of Cole.

Back in the ring Adam Cole gets the advantage back and gets Nakamura down on the mat in a seated position, Cole runs off one side of the ring towards Nakamura and runs off of the other side before stopping himself and locking on a chin lock to the boos of the fans. Nakamura starts to wake up a bit and the two make their way back to a vertical base, Nakamura breaks Cole’s grip and kicks him in the face.  Cole falls back into the corner and Nakamura jumps on him and begins hitting Cole with knees in the corner as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Cole locks on the figure four leg lock on Nakamura in the center of the ring.  Nakamura fights out of it but Cole does whatever he can to pick apart Nakamura’s already weak knees.  Cole goes to apply the figure four once again but Nakamura grabs Cole’s arm and forces him down to the mat and into an arm bar.  Cole and Nakamura reset and Nakamura gets the upper hand with a few strikes. 

Nakamura grabs Cole’s back and takes Cole over with a backdrop which plants Cole right on the top of his head. Cole gains a brief advantage after hitting a shining wizard Nakamura is out at two and Cole hits a Florida Key for another near fall.  Nakamura recovers and makes his way to the second rope where he waits for Cole to get into position before coming off of the rope with a Boma Ye knee.  Nakamura hits an Axe Kick and follows it up with another Boma Ye for a near fall.  The finish of the match takes place after Nakamura hits a third and final Boma Ye knee to pick up the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Adam Cole via pinfall after the Boma Ye Knee.

Match Rating: ****

Note: Seriously drop whatever you are doing right now and go watch this match.

That will bring this review of this week’s airing of Ring Of Honor wrestling television for http://www.EyesOnTheRing this week’s show was pretty good for a three match show but if you are pressed for time (if an hour isn’t short enough as is) you can probably skip the second match because it’s honestly nothing special unless you are a fan of one of those guys if not two or three or hell all of them and if that’s the case more power to you. 

In Closing make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and tweet me so we can talk about some Ring Of Honor or whatever wrestling you would like to chat about.  You can also check out the Eyes On The Ring twitter account over @EyesOnTheRing.

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