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Monday, September 14, 2015

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The New Day: The Best Thing Going In Wrestling

By @TrueGodImmortal 

There are very few times when a crew of wrestlers can turn some bullshit into money, but The New Day have been a streak lately and are only getting better. From the beginning, we didn't know what to expect with this trio, but needless to say we became pleasantly surprised as things went along.

Their debut was slow and really didn't work, as the concept of making them a militant angry black group became scrapped very quickly. While this was some bullshit, eventually the group made their debut, as they were given church type videos that were corny and led fans to be frustrated from the start about it, myself included. I felt like the three stars had more to offer than just coonery and stereotypical nonsense.

As the New Day progressed and eventually won the tag titles the first time, and while they were slowly becoming entertaining, it wasn't until they lost the belts that the entertainment went even higher. Xavier Woods is the group's voice, but at times Big E and even Kofi provide moments of comedy. The trio seem to be real life friends as well, which helps the chemistry as well.

As the group pursued the tag titles going into Summerslam, Xavier Woods would amp up the comedy, and soon he began carrying around a trombone and utilizing it during matches. The New Day would recapture the WWE Tag Titles at Summerslam and the next night, we saw the return of the legendary team, The Dudley Boyz. Since then, the trio has made a hilarious interview with Michael Cole, began dancing randomly more and just entertaining the audience at every chance.

Now, as it stands, I think The New Day is currently the best thing in wrestling. I only hope they continue to get better and stay consistent. WWE, please don't mess this up. This is gold.



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