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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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All Eyes On: Titus O'Neil

By @SmokeDudley

Are African Americans treated poorly in the WWE? I would hope not, as that's my career goal, but that's not the topic. Over the years, there have been certain WWE superstars that are black and got pushes. I'm here to weigh in on one particular WWE superstar who HASN'T really had a push in his career, Titus O'Neil.

6'6, 270 pounds, Powerhouse. Titus is EASILY one of the biggest guys on the WWE's current roster. He's been with the company since 2009, wrestled for Florida Championship Wrestling until 2011, and competed on NXT until 2012. Zack Ryder was his mentor during the 2nd season of WWE NXT, and Titus was the first elimination, but soon returned on the season finale to attack the winner Kaval along with the other participants who were eliminated. In March 2011, Titus was one of the 6 former NXT contestants selected to return for the 5th season which was named "NXT Redemption". This time around Titus was mentored by Hornswoggle, and feuded with  Darren Young. O'Neil went on to turn heel and feud with the likes of Percy Watson and Alex Riley. He formed a alliance with former enemy Darren Young during this feud and the two became victorious in their match against Watson and Riley. O'Neil also defeated Riley, but lost to Watson in singles competition.

April 18th 2012, it was announced that O'Neil and Young had been moved up to the main roster where they became a full fledged tag team, winning numerous matches. Later down the line, they just became two guys on the roster that no one really cared about. They turned face, but didn't really make a difference. Titus ended up turning on Young and completed his heel turn, which to me felt like a new beginning for him. I wondered if WWE had something right there, but it just didn't really work out, the feud was wack, and nobody cared really. Once that feud didn't work out, he just slid down the rankings even more. He lost matches on RAW, Smackdown, and Main Event to Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Adam Rose, Big E, Kofi Kingston, the list goes on. He was put in a couple of battle royals, but of course he came up short in all of them. I don't think anybody would have been upset if he won the United States Championship Battle Royal or Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal.

In September 2014, WWE thought it would be smart to stick him with Heath Slater. "Slater Gator". Anyways, I think that kind of killed any type of seriousness the WWE Universe had for Titus honestly. I mean what is a 6'6 270 pound man doing in a group called "Slater Gator", I just don't get it! They won a couple matches, but lost majority though. Luckily it didn't last too long because on February 16th 2015, O'Neil turned face by saving his former enemy and partner Darren Young from the Ascension. They ended up reuniting for good once Titus fully earned Darren's trust back, and competed in several matches together, which led them to championship gold! Defeating the New Day at the Money In The Bank PPV, Titus and Darren AKA The Primetime Players won the Tag Team Titles. ISome crowds were feeling the Primetime Players also, as that Money In The Bank crowd gave them a huge pop after the win.

Sadly, PTP dropped the titles back to the New Day at the Summerslam PPV. The last time we saw Titus, he was being choked out by this weirdo Braun Strowman. Is this the end of Titus O'Neil? At 38 years old, obviously the WWE doesn't believe in him enough to give him the "Push", and not a mini push either. I'm talking matches with Randy Orton, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, etc. Former and somewhat current WWE superstar Batista believes WWE is completely missing it with Titus and I agree! He's good in-ring, mic skills are okay and the fans seem to like him also. I know I'm not the only one who sees that pop when he gets that hot tag and goes straight crazy in the ring. All Titus needs is a REAL singles push, put him in the IC title picture or US title or let him win the Money In The Bank! My man would thrive in that position if given the chance with the right build up and it could be golden, but WWE doesn't want to. Whether it's racism or not, WWE knows Titus could be special if they gave him a legit chance. You can't expect ANYONE to thrive in matches with guys like Sin Cara and become bigger.

Even if WWE doesn't want to throw gold around his waist, a good feud with guys like Owens, Cesaro, Seth, Dean, Roman, Randy, Cena, whoever! Doesn't matter it will be better than what he's doing now, the man is a great dude. I've seen his Instagram, Twitter, he does a lot of good things for people, people who aren't as financially stable as him or just the fans in general. Heel or Face I believe Titus could be special, WWE doesn't, do you? But I mean at the age 38 is it too late? I don't think so. Do you? It's honestly just all opinions but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because this is EASILY one of my favorite wrestlers and I just believe he deserves better.

Thank you, I hope you all enjoyed!


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