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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Rebooking: The Rise of Cesaro

By @FatherTone 

Cesaro, who was a part of the stable “The Real Americans”, a tag team that went absolutely nowhere, finally got his big break at WM 30, winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in impressive fashion. Cesaro left the event with TONS of momentum and he was set to get a huge push. After Wrestlemania, Cesaro went on to enjoy that push for about a month before going back to jobbing to any and everyone. After about 3 months his alliance with Heyman ended and he went back to the lower mid card where he's been struggling ever since.

How I Would Of Booked It: 
There's no reason Cesaro's momentum was squandered the way it was. His Wrestlemania moment was truly something special and he should have been rewarded for it. So for Wrestlemania, I'd have Cesaro win in the exact same fashion that he did. The next night on RAW, he’d align himself with Paul Heyman, cementing his face turn and just like in real life and would go on to Extreme Rules to face Jack Swagger in the blow off match for their feud. After the PPV, the following night on Raw when Dean Ambrose was forced to defend his title in a battle royal, I would have Cesaro win to further his momentum instead of giving the belt to Sheamus.

Cesaro would then go on to defend the United States Championship all the way thru the HIAC PPV. Cesaro would fight Rusev for the US Title, and during the match Heyman would try and interfere on Cesaro's behalf, but due to miscommunications, he would accidently cost Cesaro the United States Championship. The following night on Raw, Cesaro forgives Paul and invokes his rematch clause for the title. Again due to miscommunications, Heyman this time gets Cesaro disqualified. Cesaro after the match reads Heyman the riot act and knocks him out with a stiff European Uppercut leaving the ring. With Heyman written off TV, Cesaro would then go to take Erick Rowan's spot in the Team Cena vs The Authority match with Team Cena winning in similar fashion, but instead of Dolph being the sole survivor, its Cesaro giving a gutsy performance eliminating Seth Rollins last. At the TLC PPV, Rollins goes one on one with Cesaro and right before Cesaro is getting ready to go in for the kill, cue Lesnar's Music. Lesnar comes down, hits Cesaro with 3 German suplexes, 2 F5s and walks out not saying a word. The next night on Raw, Cesaro wants answers, he wants to kick Lesnar's ass and he wants to fight. Enter Heyman who has returned with Lesnar saying something to the effect of “I gave you everything, I fathered you and you repay me by putting your hands on me, that’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.” And then out of nowhere Lesnar attacks Cesaro from behind and lays him out with an F5. Cesaro demands a match against Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, but the Authority interrupts saying that Lesnar's next opponent is Cena (because Cena won at HIAC) and if Cesaro wants to fight Lesnar, he has to win the Royal Rumble. At the Royal Rumble, Cesaro goes the distance, last eliminating Roman Reigns, which would no doubt get a huge pop in Philly, and Lesnar retains against Cena. Roman would go on to face Rusev for the US Title, allowing him to continue to build his in ring work and his mic skills without the main event spotlight being on him, and Cena could face anyone else, while Cesaro who has been built all year as this master technician with endless momentum would go on to face Lesnar in a dream match for not only myself, but many other fans.

The following months leading up to Mania could be Cesaro defending his WM spot against Bryan just like Reigns did. And then after that, his focus could be taking out Lesnar and getting his hands on Paul Heyman. The match at Mania is physical (if you’ve seen Cesaro vs Sheamus you know Cesaro is a hard hitter ) and Cesaro is getting beat down by Lesnar, then out of nowhere a POP UP EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, 2 Neutralizers and he gets a 2. Cesaro goes for another Neutralizer and Lesnar reverses and hits an F5. Now this is where I’ll leave the rest up to the reader as you can either:

A. Have Lesnar pin Cesaro. 
B. Have Cesaro kick out and find a way to win. 
C. Have Rollins enter and cash in like he did in real life and win the WWE title. 

I'll choose B and finish Cesaro's year winning the WWE title in impressive fashion. Slaying the beast and holding the WWE title high on the grandest stage of them all. Let me know how you would book it and let me know what you would like me to book next.



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