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Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review 10/24/15

By Nathan Neumann (Twitter: @Headliner5 )

Hello once again ringers, Nathan here once again to provide you with yet another weekly dose of honor in the form of my ROH TV review for EyesOnTheRing.com. This show featured three matches in one hour which is fine (at least it’s not four) and it was a solid hour of wrestling.  They are now in the tapings after All Star Extravaganza 7. So, we are picking up where we left off from there and getting some of the fallout from it.

This show took place in San Antonio Texas as part of the Texas tapings and it continued to set up Final Battle 2015 which takes place on Friday Night December 18th. Boo to that, since I’ll probably be working and won't be able to see it live. With all of my housekeeping mumbo jumbo now out of the way (and some complaining about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do about wrestling), let's get to the actual review portion of this article.

Match 1
Moose vs. Donovan Dijak

Thoughts: The match starts and the two begin with a handshake and then start feeling each other out and trying to get an advantage over the other. Moose hits the first big offensive maneuver of the match by hitting a dropkick which sends Dijak to the outside of the ring to recover.  Moose follows Dijak to the outside. But, by this time, Dijak has made a full recovery and he grabs Moose by the throat and lifts him up into the air and drops him on the edge of the ring apron with a chokeslam.

Back in the ring and Moose has recovered somewhat, Dijak makes his way to the top rope but Moose dropkicks him off of the top rope back to the outside. Moose follows it up with a dive to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring again, Dijak has recovered and manages to hit Moose with a chokeslam on his knee for a near fall. Dijak tries to capitalize but before he can do anything he gets hit with a top rope Enziguri and then follows it up shortly after with a Flipping Spear to gain the victory via pinfall.

Match Result: Moose defeats Donovan Dijak via pinfall after the flipping spear.

Match Rating: **

From there, we go to the second match of the evening which was Dalton Castle’s first official match on ROH TV since losing custody of his boys to Silas Young.

Match 2
Cedric Alexander vs. Dalton Castle

Thoughts: The match starts and Dalton starts the action off right away by delivering a suplex, Dalton goes to the corner to hit a running dropkick on Cedric but Veda Scott grabs Dalton’s leg to both distract Dalton and make it so that Cedric can get the advantage. The match concluded when Dalton Castle pinned Cedric Alexander after an airplane spin.  Very short match but it did what it was supposed to do.

Match Result: Dalton Castle defeats Cedric Alexander via airplane spin.

Match Rating: N/A
Rating Description: Not even going to bother giving this a rating because it doesn’t deserve a one star rating.

After the match, Veda Scott grabs a microphone and says that she is going to sue ROH due to emotional distress while complaining that ROH is an unsafe working environment.

From here, Jay Lethal makes his way out to the ring with Truth Martini. Truth Martini gets on the microphone and touts Jay Lethal as being the best wrestler in Ring Of Honor which brings out Mr. ROH himself Roderick Strong. Roderick Strong grabs the microphone and says that Jay Lethal’s success is all because of Truth Martini and not Lethal himself. 

Roderick says he wants his rematch with Lethal which brings out Nigel McGuinness. Nigel says that he already named a World Title contender to Jay Lethal in AJ Styles but that the TV Title needs a number one contender. Therefore, Roderick Strong is named the number one contender to the ROH TV Title and that match will take place on TV in a few weeks' time.

From there, we go inside ROH with Mandy Leon as she looks at the Best of 5 series between ACH and Matt Sydal (which as of now is up to match 4). The fifth and final match will take place at Survival Of The Fittest Night 1 in Milwaukee. This actually pisses me off because I’ll be live at night two but since this match is taking place on Night 1. I’ll miss it! LAME!

But, from here, we head back into the arena for the main event of the evening.

Main Event – Match 3
Michael Bennett, Matt Taven and Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly

Thoughts: Eh...if this part of the review sucks, I apologize; I hate reviewing multi-man matches like this. The match begins and all six guys are in the ring fighting it out.  They spill to the outside of the ring and Michael Elgin finds himself in alone in the ring and takes everyone on the outside of the ring, including his tag team partners, down and out with a splash over the top rope as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Taven catches O’Reilly with an Elbow drop from the top rope as O’Reilly was draped over Bennett’s knees after taking a backbreaker variation from Bennett earlier. A few minutes later and Elgin gives both Taven and Bennett a double powerslam, which was actually pretty cool, even if I’m not the biggest Elgin fan.
Elgin makes it back to a vertical base with Taven and runs at Taven full steam and hits him with a clothesline in the face.  The match ends when both reDRagon members hit Chasing The Dragon on Michael Bennett, which allows Kyle O’Reilly to pick up the win for Elgin, Fish and himself. 

Match Result: Michael Elgin, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish defeat Michael Bennett, Matt Taven and Adam Cole via pinfall after Chasing The Dragon.

Match Rating: **1/2

The entire story of the match was Kyle wanting to get a piece of Cole but it didn’t happen which probably means they are building to something bigger between these two at Final Battle which if that’s the case I can’t wait to see.

After the match, Kyle O’Reilly grabs a microphone and complains that he couldn’t get a piece of Adam Cole during the entire match because his “Butt Buddies” (O’Reilly’s actual words when referring to the Kingdom) were protecting him the entire time. This results in a Nigel McGuinness appearance where he adds O’Reilly to the match between Adam Cole and AJ Styles which is set for next week which will make that match a triple threat match which will be pretty awesome.

Middle of the road show this week; it wasn’t anything bad but it wasn’t terribly great either. We are getting a lot of storyline progression towards Final Battle in December though so that I am fine with because we have an idea of a few matches that could possibly end up on the card and I like it.

However that’ll do it for me and this week’s ROH review for http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com make sure to visit the site regularly and read everyone else’s articles in addition to mine because we all work hard on the stuff that we provide to you the readers. In closing, make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and feel free to tweet me anything ROH related or wrestling related in general if you ever want to chat.

Finally make sure to follow Eyes On The Ring @EyesOnTheRing and check out the radio show each and every week on Sunday night at 11:00pm EST however this week we will be coming to you at 11:30pm EST due to the fact that WWE Hell In A Cell is this Sunday night.  We will do our best to bring you everything from the week and we will also talk about Hell In A Cell via http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork provided that Blog Talk Radio doesn’t suck on Sunday night.  Last but certainly not least make sure to like us on facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and until next time I am Nathan saying so long and keep your Eyes On The Ring!


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