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Sunday, October 18, 2015

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ROH Review 10/17/15

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review 10/17/15
By Nathan Neumann, Twitter @Headliner5

Hello to all the fellow ringers that are reading this, I am Nathan here to provide you with your weekly dose of honor with this review of ROH Wrestling television.  Now this review is actually for the show that took place last night October 17th but I didn’t write a review of it last night due to the fact that I watched the Evolve 49 iPPV and by the time ROH came on and got over I just didn’t feel like writing anything.  So better late than never and here we go with a review of last night’s show.

I’m not sure where this show took place because I’ll be honest I was so tired when ROH came on at 11:00pm my time that I wasn’t paying close attention to details like I usually do.  This show did however do a lot to set up Final Battle 2015, which is the annual final PPV of the year for ROH.  This show also only featured two matches in a one hour time span which if you know me by now and you read my reviews week to week you would know that I prefer it this way. And with all that out of the way lets get started by breaking down the action.

Match 1
The Addiction vs. The All Night Express

Thoughts: Pretty good match to start off the show but if you know anything about me then you know that I’m not a huge fan of the Addiction.  I didn’t mind this match though because it allowed me an opportunity to get a first hand look at ANX since they returned to ROH at All Star Extravaganza 7.  This was a battle of former tag team champions (although if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t even know that ANX had the belts at any point) and with the return of ANX to ROH the Tag Team Division is stacked.  While both of these teams are former tag team champions Kevin Kelly makes sure to point out that neither team was actually beaten for their titles.  ANX were stripped of the titles due to Kenny King leaving ROH for TNA and The Addiction lost the titles in a triple threat tag team title match after they weren’t even pinned.

We get a Code of honor and Sabin gets involved in the early going but Kenny King sends Kazarian to the outside of the ring via backdrop and Kazarian lands on Sabin.  Sabin is later removed from ringside as the referee gets fed up with his antics. ANX takes the early advantage as they isolate Kazarian in their corner with some double team maneuvers.  Kazarian tags out to Daniels after a few minutes but ANX does the same thing to Daniels that that they were doing to Kazarian earlier.  Daniels is finally able to turn the match around somewhat thanks to a distraction from Kazarian before the commercial break.

Going into the break we get a pre-taped promo from Jay Briscoe that hypes his match later on tonight with Adam Page.  Jay calls Adam “Green” and says he has no clue what he’s in for tonight.  Jay says that at the end of the match Adam will be more of a man than he was going into it but that it’s going to be a bad experience for him.

Back from the break and the Addiction are double teaming ANX and Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever on Titus before doing a cocky one-foot cover but of course Titus kicks out, as he should.  The fans begin getting behind Rhett Titus by chanting ALL NIGHT as Titus fights back but Daniels pokes him in the eye to stop him from getting any sort of momentum.  Titus starts fighting to get over to his corner of the ring to tag in Kenny King but Daniels punches King that sends him off of the apron thus not allowing Rhett to get the tag.  King gets furious and tries to get in on the match but the referee holds him back which allows for some double-teaming from the Addiction while the referee didn’t see it. 

Titus finally tags in King after a few more minutes of getting worked over and the place erupts as King makes his presence felt in the match.  Later on all four men get into the ring but Titus is still hurting.  The Addiction hit Total Elimination and then Frankie takes out Titus with a flying knee from the top rope while Daniels holds him for the cover but only gets the two count.  King recovers and starts fighting off Daniels and Kazarian but eventually all four men get knocked down in the center of the ring.

All four men recover around the same time and Daniels gets the first sort of offense after that by hitting King with a brainbuster.  He follows it up by hitting Titus with a uranage.  Out comes a masked KRD guy for the distraction on Daniels, Daniels starts chasing him but as he is doing this Daniels gets hit with a dropkick from Titus. Rhett picks Daniels up for a powerbomb while King comes off of the top rope for a lariat, which gets ANX the win via pinfall.

Match Result: All Night Express defeats Daniels and Kazarian via pinfall after Powerbomb/Top Rope Lariat combination.
Match Rating: **1/2

From there we go to commercial break, as we come back the Kingdom’s music is playing and they are in the ring dressed in style for an interview.  Maria is in a dress, which is totally uncharacteristic of her, but it works.  They show highlights of said KRD member from earlier interfering at the PPV, which helped the Kingdom, win the belts.
Bennett goes on some pointless rant as he tells some story about a farmer and a snake as the fans boo him profusely while chanting boring.  The moral of the story was that the farmer shouldn’t ever trust a snake; Bennett says that the Kingdom are the snakes in this story.  From there we flash to some highlights of ASE 7 where Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly in the main event.

Back in the arena and Maria takes the microphone and introduces herself as Maria Kanellis-Bennett (yes we all know who your dork of a husband is no need to remind us).  She then informs us that she is the manager of the greatest faction in the world (Suck it Bullet Club!).

She says she may work in a male dominant industry but she doesn’t take orders from any man and she makes her own rules.  She hands the mic off to Taven who says the Kingdom formed a year ago not out of necessity but out of greatness and you measure greatness by gold and they are the greatest tag team in the world today.  They say that they will not rest until Adam Cole is once again the ROH World Champion and they hold all the gold in ROH.

Adam Cole is next to speak, he says he turned his back on Kyle O’Reilly because O’Reilly doesn’t deserve to ever be World Champion let alone be near it.  He was sick when Kyle O’Reilly was listed as one of the top contenders when it should have been Cole himself. 
Cole went on to mock Michael Elgin who he says had such a “Great run” in the US that he had to go to Japan to make himself feel worthy.  “Way to go, Little Mike”, he says his line “Adam Cole baby” and the fans don’t chant along per the usual which means a heel turn is actually working in wrestling for once.

reDRagon make their way out and are being held back by security as the Kingdom taunt them from the ring with the titles in hand.  Bobby Fish gets the mic and warns Cole that he has no idea what he’s done and what he’s in for, he informs Taven that they will be taking the titles back.  Cole says that he would love to see the two of them take on the three of us.  This brings out Elgin to even the odds with the new #BigMike shirt to which I instantly puke all over the place.  I hope that shirt only sells one unit.

Elgin clears the Kingdom out of the ring and gets his hands on Maria, but the Kingdom pull her to safety.  Big Mike chants start up from the crowd as Elgin challenges The Kingdom to a six-man match but they blow it off and leave to the back.

Inside ROH with Mandy Leon is up now, she looks at the rivalry between Dalton Castle and Silas Young.  We see highlights of the last PPV when Young defeated Castle to gain custody over the Boys.  We then see what happened last week when Young and Beer City Bruiser defeated the Boys in a “Match” which was their first lesson in becoming real men.  Next week Dalton Castle is back on ROH TV without the boys for the first time since ASE.

From there we go to a backstage promo from Adam Cole hyping his match with AJ Styles in two weeks with the number 1 contender AJ Styles, he promises to drop Styles on his head in the match.  After a hype video for Final Battle, the Briscoe’s are shown Mark keeps interrupting Jay and all of this was just to tell us that “we will be back after the commercial break”.  Normally I would consider something like this pointless but when it’s Jay and Mark Briscoe calling this anything less than awesome is unacceptable.

Back from commercial and we head back into the arena for the main event of the night.

Main Event – Match 2
Adam Page w/BJ Whitmer vs. Jay Briscoe
No Holds Barred Match

Thoughts: Wow, what a dam match this was.  Prior to the match getting underway Whitmer joins Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary.  This should be interesting as Corino and Whitmer’s interactions are always “interesting”.  Kelly announces that Nigel McGuinness has signed a six man main event for next week as the Kingdom will take on reDRagon and Big Mike. 

Fans chant “Jay is gonna kill you” at Page as Page extends his hand for the Code of Honor but Page slaps Briscoe as Briscoe goes to shake his hand.  Briscoe jumps Page after that and they take the match to the outside Page’s shoulder is taped and Briscoe is concentrating his offense on that particular body part.  Page hits Briscoe with a hard chair shot and lays him out to take control, Page sets a table up but this gives Briscoe enough time to recover and he comes back at Page with a chair shot of his own.

They get back into the ring for the time being and Page sets up a chair in the center, Whitmer goes to hand Page his crutch but Mark comes out from the back and grabs it and takes it with him while hobbling to the back with the crutch because randomness and awesomeness.  Meanwhile Jay is in the ring hitting Page with punches, Briscoe sets up for a Jay Driller on a chair but Page escapes and ends up hitting a DDT to get control before going to a break.

Back from the break and Page has taken control, He’s screaming at Jay to “Say his name” as Briscoe continues to act like he doesn’t even know who Page is.  Page charges at Briscoe in the corner but Briscoe sees it coming and moves causing Page to end up on the outside table.  Briscoe jumps off of the apron with a double foot-stomp from the apron as ROH chants begin from the crowd.

Back in the ring and Briscoe is systematically picking apart Page, he hits a couple of neckbreakers and then grabs a chair.  He puts it around Pages neck and hits another neckbreaker as the fans go insane with “Man Up” Chants.  Briscoe goes to the outside and grabs another table from under the ring, he sets it up in the corner and set Page up to be driven through it.  He took too long to set up the table as Page is now recovered and Page comes back with a pump handle slam on Jay to put him through the aforementioned table but it only gets a two count.  The fans begin chanting “You Can’t Beat Him” at Page as we head into another commercial break.

Back form the break and Briscoe is once again in control as the two men fight on the apron.  There’s another table spotted at ringside and Jay teases putting Page through it.  Corino and Whitmer are arguing with each other at ringside (I’m surprised it took this long) Page gets control once again on Briscoe as the fans begin chanting “You Still Suck”.  Page gets another table as if two isn’t enough and sets it up outside while Jay is recovering.

They end up back in the ring but are battling on the apron near the table.  Briscoe hits Page with a slingshot lariat, he then teases a Jay Driller off of the apron onto the table but Page escapes and goes for a Rite of Passage on the apron but Jay escapes and grabs a chair that was laying on the mat.  He hits Page in the head with a chair and then lays him out with a Jay Driller though a table.  The fans begin chanting “You Just killed him.”  Back in the ring for the pin to which Page kicks out at two.

Briscoe is shocked at the kick out (nobody in my opinion should kick out of that move like ever but that’s just me, once in a great while is okay but twice in the same match is beyond overkill).  Whitmer is going nuts on commentary that Page kicked out as Briscoe is standing over Page’s lifeless body screaming at him “come on boy”.  Page gets to his knees and spits in Briscoe’s face.  Briscoe loses his mind and starts beating the crap out of him after that. 

Briscoe takes Page’s head off with a clothesline, while Whitmer and Corino are really going at it on commentary after Whitmer was making fun of Corino’s family.  While all this is going on at the commentary table, back inside of the ring Jay Briscoe hits Adam Page with another Jay Driller to pick up the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Jay Briscoe defeats Adam Page via pinfall after a Jay Driller.

Match Rating: **3/4
Great main event this week, a true break out performance for Adam Page, this kid is going places.

After the match concludes Kevin Kelly goes off on Whitmer after the match saying he was too busy arguing with Corino on commentary all while his boy Adam Page needed his help.  Corino joins in on making fun of Whitmer as the fans chant “That was Awesome” (“This is Awesome” and “That was Awesome” are the worst chants in wrestling history).

Whitmer gets into the ring with his crutch and beats Briscoe with it and this Brings Corino into the ring.  He takes off the suit jacket and grabs a roll of coins from his pocket and lays out Whitmer with one punch after Whitmer taunts him.  Corino gets a huge pop from the crowd as he leaves the ring.  He then goes to the outside of the ring and hugs Kevin Kelly because he knows what is going to happen next.

This was a great angle to close the show and it’s definitely headed in the right direction, if this is how we get the eventual Corino vs. Whitmer match at Final Battle I’m more than okay with it because this match needs to happen.

That however will do it for me and this week’s ROH review. Sorry I was a day late on this one but better late than never.  Make sure to read this and the rest of my ROH reviews at the home of Eyes On The Ring http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com.

This show was very good this week as everything made sense and it’s going to go somewhere.  I’ve said it publicly but I don’t think I’ve ever said it on here but it’s amazing how ROH can get everything they need done in one hour of weekly television while WWE has a three hour show on Monday and can barely get anything done in that span of time but I digress and that’s why I stay away from WWE when doing reviews for this site.

In closing make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and feel free to tweet me anything ROH or wrestling related in general as I’m always willing to chat if I’m available at the time.

Also make sure to check out the Eyes On The Ring twitter account @EyesOnTheRing and be sure to check out Eyes On The Ring radio each and every week on Sunday night at 11:00pm EST as we bring you the entire week in wrestling via http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork provided zero shenanigans.  Finally don’t forget to like us on facebook over at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and until next time I am Nathan saying so long and keep your Eyes On The Ring!


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