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Friday, October 23, 2015

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The Underrated: Ameen's 5 Favorite Tag Teams

Give Me 5: Favorite Tag Teams
By @MeenHendrix 

Tag Team Wrestling is an essential part of today's culture. It can be used as filler or to bring separate feuds together into one match. I'm not going to get all fancy with the introduction so I'm going to list my 5 favorite Tag Teams I've enjoyed. (Note: There won't be any obviously great teams such as Edge & Christian, The Hardys, Dudley Boyz and DX)

*John Morrison & The Miz:

-Morrison and Miz were a random pairing that became a perfect fit and that's what made them one of my favorites. Both were floating kind of aimlessly before being thrown together. They each had a chance to win the ECW Championship and failed multiple times. Their first match together was for the WWE Tag Team Titles and they won. That's pretty awesome. But what also made them great is that they were two scumbags who meshed well. They were like high school bullies who could trash you on the mic then kick you in your face and did whatever they could to hold on to those Tag Team titles.

*Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

-Jordan and Gable are a relatively newer team, pairing up since June. Most would argue that maybe more successful NXT teams like Blake & Murphy or The Vaudevillains but Jordan and Gable have tremendous potential together. One accurate comparison was between them and the World's Greatest Tag Team Benjamin and Haas. These guys bring a mesh of physical and technical styles to the NXT Tag Division. Gable is capable of out wrestling most competitor's he steps in the ring with and Jordan has the power to back up their brash and arrogant attitudes.

*Legacy: Rhodes & DiBiase

-Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were meant to tag with each other from the start. They had instant chemistry from the start. Ted learned on the fly from Cody how to adjust to tag team wrestling as a few months before it was Cody who was learning from Hardcore Holly how to become a better tag team wrestler. The young cocky duo stepped up big time when called on. They went from wide eyed youngsters to following behind Randy Orton into the main event scene and even hold a win over Shawn Michaels and Triple H. What made them fun to watch was their growth together. You seen them get bullied as Orton's lackeys from the start to being able to lace up their boots and push Shawn Michaels and Triple H to their limits on multiple occasions.

*Rated RKO

-When Randy Orton and Edge got together I knew it was something special. These guys were former world champions looking to make it back to the top. However they were brought together through a common enemy in Degeneration-X. Rated RKO had instant chemistry together. Two guys who could talk and do whatever it took to win and it made for fantastic heel work. One of my favorite moments from their run together was when they dragged a bloodied Ric Flair to the ring because they attacked someone close to both Michaels and Triple H. It showed off their viciousness.

*Brass Ring Club

-BTE, Brass Ring Club, The Masters of the WWE Universe, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro go by many names. Originally deemed the Brass Ring Club because of Vince McMahon not wanting to push them to the top, Kidd & Cesaro is my favorite team to watch. It was a random pairing. Kidd & Cesaro had competed in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship just 2 weeks earlier. You get two workhorses in the ring together you get a classic match. You put them on the same team and now you have an opportunity to raise the quality of the tag team division. These guys work perfectly together and bring out the best in not only each other, but the guys they share the ring with. They mesh well and mask their shortcommings on the mic by getting to the point fast in their promos and backing it up with a Giant Swing/Dropkick combination in the ring.

I really like these guys because they are two of my favorite wrestlers. Kidd's resurgence in NXT back in 2014 showed extreme improvement in his character development and really impressed me. Cesaro is arguably the best wrestler in the company with a skill set as wid as the Pacific Ocean. These guys know what the other does well and how to mask the weaknesses.



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