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Sunday, November 15, 2015

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Ronda Rousey in Wrestling: Could It Happen?

By Johnthan Speed (@speedonthebeat)

Unless you've been living under a Rock-shaped rock (try saying that five times fast), you've probably heard the news about Ronda Rousey getting her head kicked in by Holly Holm, Daniel Bryan-style, and losing for the first time in her professional career. Now, I'm discussing Rousey two-fold this week. In an opinion piece for boi-1da.com, I'll discuss the ramifications the loss will have on the MMA world. But here? We're talking wrasslin'.

A few weeks back, various wrestling sites commented that Rousey was unlikely to appear at any WWE events. That was, of course, before her loss on Saturday. So, I'm going to play fantasy booker for a bit and see where would Rousey fit in today's WWE.

Now, we're not going to go insane and say "oh, Rousey could compete in the men's cruiserweight division." Why? Because, Rousey or not, I don't see WWE bringing back that title just for a guest star (and believe me, Rousey would be a guest star. No one loses like that and just walks away without entertaining a rematch at some point). Additionally, I don't see her just running roughshod over the Divas division. Triple H and company have built up that division to the point where part-timers, legends (sorry Alundra Blayze), and other one-shots wouldn't really fit in the mix. Additionally, if Rousey were to come in and beat 8 divas in a battle royal, what would that say about everyone involved?


Truthfully, the only person Rousey could face realistically (without having it look like a bigger farce than many would argue it already is) at the moment would probably be Stephanie McMahon. But, their encounter at WrestleMania 31 was a bit underwhelming. Besides, Rousey, even though she'd be the face, she works better as a heel. And I don't see Steph going the light path anytime soon.

So...where could Rousey fit into the WWE's plans at the moment? Probably a guest star that teases a bigger role later. Since Rousey hasn't been in a WWE ring in months, you'd have to reintroduce her as a dominant force for the WWE. But again, with her rematch with Holly Holm looming, I just don't see Rousey effectively being utilized in the WWE. Hell, I'd go as far to argue that the WWE may not need her just yet. Let her get her Holm rematch. Because WWE will be there and, loss or not, Rousey's popularity isn't exactly going anywhere right now.

Summerslam 2016 is where I see Rousey popping back up in a WWE ring. But for now? She's gotta atone for that L.


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