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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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So, Kevin Owens and Melissa Joan Hart Had A "Twitter Feud"...

By Johnthan Speed (@SpeedontheBeat)

TL;DR: The WWE should actually care more about the celebrities who enjoy wrestling, not the ones they can shoehorn in for a quick, cheap, worthless pop. 

Photo Credit: Wrestlingnews.co

I never thought I'd type those words. I never thought that it'd come to this. But, Melissa Joan Hart, via Twitter, commented on the development of Kevin Owens on the main roster. Hart, as some may know, is apparently a pretty big wrestling fan. So, like some other Kevin Owens fans, she's shown some concern with the direction he's been taken recently on the main roster (ya know, running away from Ryback, tons of cheap heel tactics, etc.) and called creative's booking of him "lazy" versus his indie tenure as Kevin Steen and his early NXT days. Ya know, like most of the IWC.

In some sort of kayfabe-meets-reality twist, Kevin Owens called Hart's shows boring and blocked her. And this has taken on a life of its own, almost towering over Owens' actual match at Survivor Series versus Dean Ambrose. I mean, the hashtag #IStandWithOwens trended and people legitimately blocked Hart. This led to some back and forth, a New Day blocking of Hart, and the following tweet:

I'm slightly dumbfounded that WWE hasn't parlayed this into something bigger. Hart, fresh off of her run on the ABC Family sitcom Melissa and Joey, unlike NeNe Leakes, Kathy Lee Gifford, and many other celebrities WWE has had on their programming, is an actual fan. But, instead of saying "Hey, MJH, are you busy? We want you to appear in Dean Ambrose's corner on Sunday" or something like that to celebrate a celebrity who legitimately gives a crap about them, the most we get is Michael Cole asking Owens about it. I honestly never thought I'd actually care about a celebrity appearing on RAW.

But, that's what happens when the WWE utilizes the worst celebrities possible to push their product (and we have ones who care or could see not as out of place being involved with WWE). For instance, The Muppets. Yes, WWE is family-friendly (kind of) and The Muppets are a great franchise. But having Sheamus and Beaker get into a ginger-off is just saddening. As are the following:

  • having Ariel Winter, as great of a little comedic genius--and body posi activist--as she is, getting in on the Hornswoggle Kiss Cam; at least Winter was, somewhat, involved with the product at the time (she was in that abomination The Chaperone)...
  • having the aforementioned NeNe Leakes just coming off as an oblivious bitchy Amazon who doesn't know an armbar from a toehold...
  • Pee Wee Herman...
  • Donald Trump playing the face against Vince McMahon...
  • The Three Stooges (ugh)...
  • Sunny (I know she has her place in wrestling history, but c'mon!!!)...
...and the list goes on. Now, no, I'm not saying for WWE to bend over backwards to get every celeb who's ever watched the shows on RAW or SD. That'd further dilute the product. But, if you're trying to pseudo-legitimize pro wrestling, having some celebrities who actually give a damn about the product will go a long way


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