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Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Retrospective: The WCW Video Games

By @TrueGodImmortal 

So, with this being DAR Gaming Week, EOTR decided to participate just a bit. Now, today, what we wanted to discuss fell between the realm of WIRTB and Classic Games, so I decided to just a retrospective looking at some of the best WCW games and some of the not so great also. Let's get started.

*WCW Wrestling

-The first video game for WCW, it featured the Road Warriors on the front and was released go the Nintendo system. With a limited amount of wrestlers and moves, it wasn't necessarily the most fun game, but for the time it was definitely entertaining. This one doesn't get mentioned as much.

*WCW: The Main Event

-The first handheld WCW game, which I never played for Game Boy, but I heard things about it from my older cousins who were fans of gaming and wrestling. Not the most fun, but convenient, this game is another one that doesn't get talked about much.

*WCW Superbrawl Wrestling

-My first experience personally with WCW games was Superbrawl and this was oddly enough a lot of fun to play. The funniest part about this game is Tony Schiavone being a box over the match providing commentary for you. It is quite hilarious, but adds a bit more to the game in many ways. While still a bit stiff and lacking in animation, this game for the most part was entertaining.

*WCW vs The World

-In what has to be one of the most hilarious games of all time to me, WCW vs The World was one of a kind. WCW vs The World is essentially a Japanese game and it plays like one as well. Along with many of the big named WCW wrestlers, there are a ton of popular Japanese wrestlers on the game....... under different names due to copyright and other issues. This game was fun, but the Japanese elements at times made it slightly cheesy but it was definitely a good time to be had.

*WCW vs NWO: World Tour

-In many ways a sequel to WCW vs The World, this was one game I have never played or attempted to play. However, it seems like I missed out on a hell of a game. Praised as one of the strongest games to ever be released for wrestling, the grappling system for the game is reported to be extremely epic. The gameplay was all around solid as well, along with a ton of match modes that were groundbreaking for the time. This game is reportedly a top 3 selling wrestling game for the N64 console and rightfully so it seems.

*WCW Nitro

-With a stacked roster, unlockable characters and hilarious introduction videos asking you to pick them, WCW Nitro had nice graphics for the time and fun gameplay as well. It also featured a spot on WCW atmosphere that hadn't been presented properly at the time, and gave fans the closest experience to watching the actual TV show.

*WCW/NWO Revenge

-One of the top selling wrestling video games for the N64 system(no. 1 actually), this game is a classic. Without a doubt, everything about this game was simple perfection. As a sequel to the WCW vs NWO: World Tour game, it expanded on the previous things that were missing. More characters from WCW, inclusion of real arenas, title belts, this one is the greatest WCW video game of all time, and it isn't even close.

*WCW Thunder

-This game is essentially horrible but when it was released, I absolutely loved it. With a mega sized roster, realism, and the inclusion of the massive stables WCW had at the time, for a fan that was easy to please, this game could do no wrong truly. When I revisited it later however, it became repetitive and boring, and the graphics get a little glitchy. If you want a game with the best WCW roster however? This is your game.

*WCW Mayhem

-When the company stopped working with THQ and went to EA, it seemed as if all could go well. However, WCW unfortunately was suffering in the actual ratings war and as a result this game didn't get the love it deserved. It was fun definitely and featured a large roster, a PPV mode, and more revolutionary features. It had a bit of an issue with its collision detector on the game, but for the most part, this was one of the better games.

*WCW Backstage Assault

-The less said about this game, the better. For some reason, EA thought a game where fans could only wrestle in backstage areas was smart. And it failed. It is the final WCW video game. And for good reason.

Any thoughts on the WCW video games? Post them below in the comments.



  1. WCW Nitro and Thunder are my favorite WCW games because it had an authentic WCW atmosphere stacked Roster and great Unlockable Arenas and characters plus I love the graphics !

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