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Sunday, December 6, 2015

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ROH TV Review 12/5/15

By Nathan Neumann

Hello Eyes On The Ring faithful, and welcome to a day late dollar short ROH Review of last night's episode of ROH TV. I might just move these reviews to Sundays on a permanent basis due to the fact that the Network that shows ROH doesn't show it until 11:00pm and it's an hour show, so that means that by the time it's over it's Midnight. So if you start seeing these reviews on Sundays instead of Saturday nights, be forewarned that that'll be the reason for that change.

Enough of my rambling about dumb stuff and on to stuff that actually sort of matters like the first match of the night.

Match 1
Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs. reDRagon

I like three out of the four guys in this match. I think I've probably said this before, but Beer City Bruiser is absolutely awful and doesn't fit the ROH product at all, but I digress and I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record. The match starts off with Fish and Bruiser in the ring and Fish is running full steam ahead into Bruiser and trying to knock him off of his feet, which isn't happening. Fish tags in O'Reilly and Bruiser gets the upper hand quickly and tags in Young. Both Bruiser and Young begin isolating O'Reilly in their corner of the ring with double team maneuvers, while doing everything they can to make sure that O'Reilly can't make it to his corner to tag Fish back into the match. Fish finally gets the tag midway through the match and begins cleaning house. Silas Young hits Fish with a back rake, but at this point, O'Reilly who has by now recovered somewhat, takes Silas up and gives him a suplex in the corner of the ring. Silas recovers and makes it back to his feet and O'Reilly exits the ring, as it's Fish and Young alone in the ring and Silas hits Fish with a DDT into the bottom turnbuckle. Young manages to hit Misery, but the referee was distracted and was nowhere to be found during the pin attempt made by Young. The referee finally makes it over to where the pin is happening but when he counts it, Fish is able to kick out. The finish of the match came when reDRagon hit Chasing The Dragon on Beer City Bruiser to get the win via pinfall.

Match Result:
reDRagon defeats Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser via pinfall after Chasing The Dragon.

Match Rating: **

Good match, but the finish was weird, it would have made more sense to have Silas take the move and the pinfall because he's the smaller of the two between Bruiser and himself, but they are probably trying to protect Silas, so I can't fault them for that I guess.

After the match, Dalton makes his way out to ringside and says that he wants his boys back as we head into commercial.

Back from the break and Chris Sabin is in the ring accusing people of Gimmick Infringement talking about how people are imitating his moves and wearing the KRD masks. This brings out a man in a KRD mask, he gets in the ring and reveals himself to Sabin to be Alex Shelley and Sabin is absolutely shocked.  If you watched TNA, you would know the history here, but if you didn't watch TNA I don't blame you for not watching it.

From there, we go to the second match of the night.

Match 2
Sampson Walker vs. Roderick Strong {C}
ROH World Television Championship Match

Two things: first off, who is Sampson Walker and second, why is he getting a title shot when he's not even an ROH regular? Someone last night told me that he earned a shot at house show, but it's still weird and hard to accept. The match starts and Sampson begins by driving Strong back first into the ring post, he gets an advantage by nailing Strong with a spinebuster for a near fall which seemed a bit early on in the match for that, but they are trying to get him over with the crowd so I get it. Sampson capitalizes on where he has Strong and hits a big Clothesline and takes the straps of his singlet down. Strong fires back with an Olympic slam for a near fall. The match comes to an end when Roderick nails the Sick Kick on Sampson Walker to pick up the win via pinfall.

Match Result:
Roderick Strong defeats Sampson Walker via pinfall after a Sick Kick to retain the ROH World Television Title.

Match Rating: **

I wanted to rate this match lower than I did, but doing that would be a crime based on who is in it. This match was short, but it was good for what it was and Roderick was the perfect first opponent for this guy.

From there, we go inside ROH with the exotic goddess Mandy Leon, as she recaps Survival Of The Fittest Night 1 and 2 which reminds me my Survival Of The Fittest Night 2 review is located on the site as well. Check that out (cheap plug). She runs through the six qualifying matches that took place at night 1 in Milwaukee, which saw six guys advance and she then talked about the five way final match that took place on Night 2.

Out of that, we head into the third match of the night and the main event of the evening.

Main Event - Match 3
The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks

The match starts out with Mark Briscoe and Matt Jackson shoving each other back and forth. Matt gets in position and goes to backdrop Mark, but Mark lands on his feet and then eats a Superkick from Nick Jackson. Mark rolls out to the apron and Matt kicks him in the face and off of the apron. Back in the ring, Matt hits Mark with a flipping Diamond dust for a near fall. Mark recovers and hits a flipping Neckbreaker on Nick on the outside of the ring. Mark gets on the apron to set up for the Elbow drop, but he once again eats a Superkick this time from Matt, which sends him to the outside once again. Back in the ring with Mark recovered and both Bucks down, Mark comes off of the top rope and hits a Froggy Bow while Jay makes the cover to get a near fall. The Young Bucks come back and hit an Indytaker for a near fall. Jay kicks out, but then Mark eats More Bang For Your Buck to allow the Young Bucks to pick up the pinfall victory. Crazy match and this review doesn't do it justice.

Match Result:
The Young Bucks defeat The Briscoe Brothers via Pinfall after More Bang For Your Buck

Match Rating: **3/4

This match brought up a lot more issues with the Young Bucks as well because every single match they have ends up with them stopping their selling to get their shit in. Meanwhile, it makes their opponents look like garbage, but that's just the way I see it.

Decent show but I've honestly seen better. It was not the worst hour, but not the best, though we still got more storyline progression towards Final Battle later this month and that's a good thing.

That however will do it for me and this ROH review for EOTR, make sure to visit the site on the regular and check out everything from myself and the rest of the team.  Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and make sure to follow @EyesOnTheRing and tweet us your thoughts on anything professional wrestling. Also make sure to check out the radio show tonight and every Sunday night as we bring it to you via http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork at 11:00pm EST. Finally make sure to like us on facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and until next time Ringers, keep your eyes on the ring.



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