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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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That Time Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens Feuded...

By Johnthan Speed (@SpeedontheBeat)

Ok, I'm going to just go ahead and say it: Kevin Owens versus Dean Ambrose is probably the best thing going in WWE that doesn't revolve around The New Day (yeah, I went ahead and said that, too). It's got emotion, talented wrestlers, and a storyline that isn't steeped in "hey hurr-durr, I have 'beef' with you, 'dawg.' Let's fight, my ninja" tomfoolery. It's more so just two guys beating the crap out of each other to see who's the best--and who's actually worthy of the Intercontinental Championship. It's less gimmicky feud and more straight-up blood sport (for the PG Era, of course).

In this feud, Dean Ambrose has shown the potential that many saw from him when he first went solo after The Shield broke up. He's broken away--again, to a degree--from Roman Reigns' feuds and Reigns himself (for the most part; he still gets paired with Reigns and the Usos, because, ya know, reasons and League of Nations stuff). On top of that, he's becoming more of that "don't say much, just kick much ass" anti-hero that he seems destined to play. Plus, ya know, he isn't fussing around with exploding TVs or mannequins.

...even if Vince himself liked the mannequin foolishness, it was still pretty friggin' stupid. But, I digress. The feud that we're getting between Owens and Ambrose is showcasing both participants at their best. Is it perfect? No (it could be for the WWE Championship, after all), but it's damned close. It doesn't need any wacky hijinks--even though we got Ambrose tossing pop and popcorn in Owens' face. But, throwing crap at his opponents, it's kind of Ambrose's thing in WWE. So, even that isn't that big a deal. 

This Sunday, at TLC, Ambrose and Owens will square off for the Intercontinental Championship. Who do I think will win? It'll be a show-stealing match, but I think that Owens will walk out of TLC with his championship (and no, that's not even based off of Tribute to the Troops photos; remember, Kevin Owens was portrayed for a second in NXT tapings as the NXT champion after he lost the belt to Finn Balor to build up their feud). I'd like Ambrose to win, because that'd free up Owens to get into the WWE WHC hunt. But, you know...we're getting a great feud from WWE. Beggars can't be choosers.

Until next time, guys.


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