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Monday, December 28, 2015

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The Underrated: Wrestlers in The New Generation Era

By @TrueGodImmortal

Now, when we discuss the New Generation Era, some names tend to get overlooked. Some get overlooked due to a cheesy gimmick or a lack of big time push, others just weren't featured in the main event often enough. Outside of the Undertaker, Razor Ramons, Diesels, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, Bret and Owen Hart, there were some solid talents who were slept on and not pushed enough. Let's discuss a few.

*1-2-3 Kid

-Sean Waltman is one of the gifted performers from this era that didn't ever get the credit he truly deserved. Kid had the ability to go out there and put on a good match with anybody he went against, and some of his matches with Bret, Shawn, Jeff Jarrett, and Razor were superb during this time. He became popular off an upset victory against Razor and the rest is history. Though he never got a run with the WWF Title or a secondary title, he still was a shining star in the WWF

*Adam Bomb 

-Now, many wonder why Adam Bomb is here, but despite his cheesy character, a young True gravitated to him and thought he could end up as a big star. Though he didn't win titles or see true success, Adam Bomb was still a solid addition to this already interesting era.


-The Native American gimmick had never been done perfectly or correctly outside of Chief Jay Strongbow, and while Tatanka wasn't nearly as good as Chief Jay, he etched his name in the business with the gimmick and made it work.

*Bam Bam Bigelow 

-The Beast From The East. Hands down one of the most agile big men we had ever seen. Headlined a Wrestlemania and would go on to stay relevant the whole era.


-Now, while this gimmick was a bit strange, his in ring work wasn't bad and he managed to open a PPV with the legendary Bret Hart in a valiant losing effort.

*The Headshrinkers 

-Basically a direct descendant of the Wild Samoans, this tag team is a great duo of talent and they would put on consistently entertaining matches.

*The Smoking Gunns

-The most solid tag team of the era, the team of Bart and Billy Gunn would win tag team gold, have great matches, and continue a couple year run in this era.

*Barry Horowitz

-He looked like an accountant but he would end up winning some matches and starting a winning streak along with a brief storyline as the ultimate underdog before falling off. Was an interesting time in the era.

*Bob Holly

-As race car driver named Spark Plugg, his character was corny as hell, but still somehow worked in the gimmick heavy environment of WWF.

*Savio Vega

-The Puerto Rican star that would start off assisting Razor Ramon, he was good in the ring and hilarious on promos, even if unintentionally.

There are some others here who didn't make the cut, but post in the comments below and tell us some of your favorite underrated stars from the New Generation Era.



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