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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Through The Fire: Booking Wrestlemania 32 Going Forward

By @TrueGodImmortal

Wrestlemania 32 is in turmoil pretty much. The former WWE Champion and defacto leader of the company Seth Rollins is hurt and out of action. The longest running star and face of the company John Cena is now out with an injury that should sideline him for 6-8 months. Randy Orton has had multiple surgeries now and will miss around 6 to 8 months as well. Sting, the WCW legend suffered a serious injury at Night of Champions and though he says he will wrestle again one day, that day will not be at Wrestlemania 32. Cesaro, a future star in his own right, has been sidelined with a drastic injury and will miss Wrestlemania 32 as well. There's a large issue at hand, and with ratings in the toilet, a shaky face champion and terrible booking with Roman Reigns, along with a long dragging 3 hour RAW, there is a way to save what seems like a doomed Wrestlemania. Now, my ideas aren't my dream matches, these are just matches that make the most sense business wise and overall period. Without further adieu, here's my card for Wrestlemania 32.

*WWE Champion Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan

-Bray Wyatt is in desperate need of momentum. We need a heel champion going into Wrestlemania, along with a favorite that the fans will truly be happy to root for to win. Daniel Bryan instantly fits that description. After Triple H interferes and costs Reigns the Rumble and the title, Bray uses his family to help him win the Rumble and the championship. A dark cloud is cast upon the WWE and at Fast Lane, Roman Reigns gets his rematch for the title, but Triple H once again interferes and cost Reigns the match. At this PPV, Kevin Owens goes one on one with Daniel Bryan in a no. 1 contenders match. Bryan, who would be the last man eliminated  by Bray to win after eliminating Owens himself, has made a triumphant return. Owens is hellbent on having a big marquee match at Mania, and feels the need to go after the WWE Championship after unsuccessfully winning the IC Title back. Unfortunately, after a 22 minute classic, Bryan gets the victory and Owens snaps, going crazy the next night on RAW and targeting one man in particular to make history at Wrestlemania.

Bryan and Bray will start their feud and Bray will use his words to get into the head of Bryan. Bray will mention that through their previous feud, Bryan has never really pinned or beaten Bray. Bray owned Bryan's soul once upon a time, and he will make mention of this and how he almost broke down the fighter and will do it again at Wrestlemania 32. Bryan, while no stranger to the underdog role or the main event at Mania, will find ways leading up to the match to neutralize Braun, Rowan, and Harper as well. Bryan and Bray will have another classic reminiscent of their amazing Royal Rumble 2014 match, but Bryan will finally overcome his demons and beat Bray to become WWE Champion again. As 100,000 people celebrate and chant YES!, Bryan truly caps off one hell of a comeback and a return to form and thinks he's won the battle. Until the next night on RAW, during the expected Bray vs Bryan build to a rematch segment, Bryan is blindsided by a woman who assists Bray. She is revealed to be Sister Abigail.

*The Rock vs Brock Lesnar 

-Finally......The Rock.... has come back to Wrestlemania. Now, we don't know for sure if The Rock is wrestling at Mania, but all signs are pointing to that. With the lack of star power and regular performers on the card, why not give us what could be promoted and deemed as the biggest rematch of all time, some 13 plus years later. Brock, is now a household name and a bigger draw than he has ever been. Rock, is the biggest crossover star in the history of wrestling and one of the biggest names In Hollywood. Just him announcing that he would be at Wrestlemania 32 got huge national headlines, so the amount of press that this rematch could bring is beyond crazy. A Rock interview on Sportscenter to promote it, interrupted by Brock and Heyman, or Rock on Jimmy Fallon and Heyman interrupts or shows up there at the show to build to the match. These two could utilize the mainstream to make this match the biggest thing professional wrestling has seen in some time. Make this match what Rock vs Cena could have been in build and attention. At the time when Rock came back to fight Cena, he was JUST hitting his biggest stride in Hollywood. Now? He's the man in Hollywood with multiple movies, TV shows, and more. Wrestlemania 32 sells itself anyways, but how about giving the casuals and the regular fans, a marquee match that could cross mainstream barriers in every country. I would assume that Brock wins this match, and goes on another path of destruction leading up to an eventual clash at Summerslam with Kevin Owens, who will be a top heel by then. Brock wins, but the match ends with a handshake and a show of respect, as it seems likely that Wrestlemania 32 could be The Rock's final match and what better way to go out than in front of 100,000 people.

*The Undertaker vs Kevin Owens

-Now, of all the people on the roster who could fight Taker at Mania, there's only one man who I feel could truly pull this off. His name is Kevin Owens. Why do I feel like Owens could pull this off? His promo ability, his careless demeanor, he is the top heel in WWE right now hands down. He's been a star since he walked in the door and at this point in his career, Taker is only needed for a dream matchup or to give a shot to an upcoming star. There is no streak anymore unfortunately, and that's a good thing in some ways, because I believe The Undertaker should lose to Owens without a doubt. Owens and Taker, if Owens leads the match, could put on an absolute classic if given about 18-19 minutes, and let Owens go over. Owens defeating Taker at Mania could leave the impression that we have seen Taker for the last time and that his career could be over now. This also ties in to Brock vs Owens, as they would now be the only men to claim they have beaten the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and gotten the best of him in general.

*WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho 

-Jericho said he wasn't returning to WWE or appearing at Wrestlemania 32, then all of a sudden he appears on WWE TV and enters himself in the Royal Rumble. I assume this might be one of his last big runs for a while or maybe his last run period, but the IC Champ Ambrose needs a big feud going forward. Jericho came back all happy go lucky as Y2J, but after the Rumble, I see him turning heel and reverting back to his 2008 character somewhat, adding a level of intensity to himself and more mystique to his character. He and Ambrose technically have finished business from when he returned to take part in the 6 man tag at Night of Champions. I say let both men have an intense feud, cut promos, build the IC Title up like it is a main event title on Raw and Smackdown, give them 15 minutes to fight in front of 100,000 people, and let Ambrose go over of course. Jericho wants to extend history by winning the IC Title again, extending his already existent record, but he unfortunately falls short. This could be a great feud if done right.

*No Disqualification Match 
Triple H vs Roman Reigns 

-Reigns is your current WWE Champion. I suspect he will NOT BE and hope he isn't after the Rumble takes place. Trust me, Reigns beating 29 men to retain the title in the Rumble is NOT the way to go. Neither is having Triple H get a title match at Mania in the main event. Neither one of those options makes sense. Reigns doesn't need to go into Mania with the title. Regardless if the fan support wavers or not, Reigns was in the main event last year. He's got his title win already, had a decent reign so far, and now comes the time for Triple H to get his revenge. At the Rumble. Triple H returns to cost Reigns his championship and takes him out of the title hunt for a moment, which is good because we need Reigns to be able to prove he's a draw and viable without always being in the title picture. This feud is already in place and they are just stalling until Mania to go forward with it, so logic tells you take the belt off Reigns, ramp up the intensity and let the magic happen. Of course, at Mania, Reigns gets the win over Triple H. The match can be brutal and some blood would add to it definitely.

*Alberto Del Rio's Open Wrestlemania United States Title Challenge answered and won by Sami Zayn

-Del Rio will keep the US Title. There is no one else around to even carry it, unless they gave it to Neville on a fluke or something. He issues an open challenge for Mania, which is answered by Sami Zayn, who makes his official debut and wins the US Title from Del Rio in a great 12 minute match. A great Wrestlemania moment for Zayn and subsequently NXT.

*TLC Tag Team Title Match 
WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Usos vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan 

-WWE should bring back the TLC or the ladder match for WM 32 in front of 100,000 people, and if the New Day will have their reign come to an end, what better place than at Wrestlemania 32? Without them having to be pinned in this form of match, the New Day lose the titles, as the Dudley Boyz finally win the WWE Tag Team Titles and on the next night at the epic post Mania RAW, they will unveil the classic WWE Tag Team Belts, to signal a new era in the tag team division. The Wyatts will have a presence so that while Bray is dominant as world champ, they can also go after the tag titles. The Usos are the most regularly used team, and popular so I know WWE would have them involved anyways. It all works out under the guise of WWE logic.

*WWE Divas Championship Match 
Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

-Anybody with eyes can see who the future of the WWE Women's division is.... it's Sasha Banks. Charlotte is a cool heel with Flair, but she's annoying. The whole premise of her push to the Divas title is rooted in her father and his legacy, but Sasha Banks has built her own. Sasha should break away from Team BAD and just be the lone wolf she used to be. She has a lot of will, determination and I would love to see Sasha win the Divas title at Mania in front of 100,000 people. She has all the tools to be the best and if WWE doesn't see that and decides to give this title match at Mania to Becky, Paige, or God forbid a Bella, then the division is doomed. Sasha is the future. It's her time. Start the Era of Sasha at the biggest Mania ever.

*Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 

-Won by Sheamus as he throws out his League of Nations member Rusev to win after they both dispose of Neville. This creates dissension in the League of Nations some.

The Pre Show should feature a Divas Match, likely one of Paige vs Becky Lynch or maybe the standard tag match so the Bellas can get on there as well. There would likely be some sort of pre show match hopefully involving the leftover participants who weren't involved in the Battle Royal or maybe someone who was in the battle royal later. The pre show isn't really important anyways, but there's a way to feature everyone on Mania without forcing it, even if that means including them on the pre show. Regardless, WWE has their work cut out for them, but I think a card like this would easily go over well with fans and would feature the right feuds, matches and make sense. Not just on paper, but in the ring as well.

What do you think? Let us know below in the comments.



  1. no bad, but will DB be cleared?

    if wyatt is the champion, does this mean he wins the rumble?

    would vince allow zayn to win the US title from ADR, only to go back to NXT?

    I figured zayn to be in NXT for a while, at least to feud w/ joe or balor before coming up... but I suppose the recent injury to cena could alter that & have zayn called up earlier.

    still a lot of unknowns at the moment.

    that said, im not super stoked about this card. mostly because of injuries.. but it is what it is.

    I suppose this has a good shot of coming to fruition.