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Saturday, January 23, 2016

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Top 5: Royal Rumble Matches

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Well, we've almost arrived to the 2016 Royal Rumble and while I have my doubts about this one, it has good potential to be one of the more fun Rumbles with rumored debuts and returns, as well as surprise entrants. Today, I wanted to discuss the best Rumbles that have occurred so far. Ranking them in order, here are the top 5 Royal Rumble matches.

5. Royal Rumble 2002

-This Rumble match is a classic to me. The event itself was pretty enjoyable, and while Triple H winning was almost too obvious, I respected it as a business decision. Some returns made this Rumble fun, as the Godfather returned, as well as Mr. Perfect and others. The biggest pop of the night seemingly came during Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance and he would have a lot of fun moments during the Rumble, and last til the final 4. Kurt and Triple H would be the final two and Triple H walked away with the victory to complete his comeback from injury.

4. Royal Rumble 2007

-This Rumble is likely the most slept on honestly. With a star studded lineup, as well as two of the biggest stars ever going at it for a spot in the main event of Wrestlemania, the 2007 Rumble was one of greatness. The final four in this Rumble? Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, and the Undertaker. What followed here is a great display of wrestling that ended with two men left to fight it out: Shawn and Taker. This was a preview of the greatness we would witness at Wrestlemania 25 from the two, but it was entertaining to the max. Taker walked away with the victory, but both men ended up getting title shots at Mania for their respective brands title.

3. Royal Rumble 2004

-To many, this never happened. However, it did. Chris Benoit went in and ended up winning the Rumble going all the way from no. 1 and making history in the process. This Rumble was star studded as well, with Randy Orton, Mick Foley, Kane, Kurt Angle, Goldberg and many others being featured, along with a tease of the return of the Undertaker to his Deadman roots. It was compelling drama throughout the match and while the Big Show being the last man eliminated bothers me just a tad, it was a huge win for Benoit and a big moment for the WWE as they took a chance on someone they would usually not.

2. Royal Rumble 2001

-This is personally my favorite Rumble ever. The stars involved,  the excitement, the implications, everything here just seemed to flow perfectly for this Rumble. It was almost amazing how well it played out. Rikishi, Kane, The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin were just some of the huge main event caliber names in this Rumble and it definitely delivered. Big Show would make his return to a nice pop as well and end up chokeslamming Rock through a table at one point. Rock would make his way back into the match at one point, and we would get treated to an epic Austin and Rock battle that saw them trade Stunners and Rock Bottoms. Austin would end up winning his 3rd Rumble and complete his comeback from injury.

1. Royal Rumble 1992

-I mean was there really any other choice? The most star studded Rumble ever. For the WWF Title. How could this one not be the best? Now, with this year's Rumble being for the title as well, this Rumble has some company, but I truly doubt that this Rumble compares to the 1992 one. This one had everything you were looking for truthfully. With stars like Flair, Hogan, Sid, Savage, Jake The Snake, and countless other big names, this Rumble truly had a long list of potential winners with Hogan and Savage seen as the favorites. Flair would end up having one of his greatest moments in his career and his biggest in WWF, then capped it off with the greatest promo he ever cut in the company. Nothing but greatness.

What about your top 5? What's on your list?



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