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Friday, January 22, 2016

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Yes and No: Royal Rumble 2016

By @stevesignore 

It's Royal Rumble time. Man oh man, the anticipation used to eat me alive the week of the event. As a wrestling fan, the Sunday morning of the Rumble used to feel like a holiday! But the lead into this year's Rumble has been dreadful in my opinion. Now obviously, the WWE isn't going to go the route I suggested a few months back (40-man Rumble with a heavy NXT influence). I figured taking advantage of the hottest "promotion" in wrestling today was a good idea, but apparently not. Nope, it's all about Roman these days and we're going to find that out when he effectively disposes of 29 men to yet another chorus of boos (or select cheers). You can take that prediction to the bank.

Things I DON'T want to see at the Rumble: 

1. Braun Strowman dominates
-It almost seems inevitable to me that Strowman is going to be the powerhouse that chucks out five or six superstars while "protecting" Bray Wyatt ala Mason Ryan protecting CM Punk. Lets hope not. He's a one trick pony who should have been groomed in NXT before getting the callup to WWE. I'm not interested.

2. Kevin Nash returns...Again!
-When I heard the rumor prior to the 40-man Royal Rumble that Kevin Nash would be a part of it, I scoured the dirt sheets! I couldn't believe it. The crowd erupted when Diesel emerged that night and I marked out on my couch! Then "NWO" Kevin Nash made an appearance a few years later. OK, didn't mark out as much. I'd say we're good this time around Kev.

3. Superstars with no purpose
-I love Fandango, but what's the goal? You've completely buried him to the point you forget he exists. He's just an example of what I mean when I say "superstars with no purpose." I'm not a fan of wasted Rumble spots. You can imagine how I felt when Hornswoggle was part of the Rumble.. I lost my mind when both members of Los Matadores both appeared. Fernando or Diego in the Main Event of WM? I can see it now. Best for business! See what I mean?

4. Reigns wins it
-I can't stomach this force feed. Reigns as a microphone wielding face has been torture for someone who tunes into RAW and Smackdown every week. And to watch him "defy the odds" as a John Cena heir apparent has me wanting to fast forward my DVR that much more each week.

Things I DO want to see at the Rumble:

1. AJ Styles

-It could be the worst kept secret of the Rumble. I don't know much about Styles, other than he's made quite a name for himself everywhere EXCEPT WWE. I can't wait to see what all the hubub is about. I'm sure we won't be disappointed.

2. NXT's newest call up
-Samoa Joe seems like the superstar that makes the most sense to make their WWE debut (I know it wouldn't technically be his debut), but I'd be interested to see an NXT creation in the match instead. I have two votes, Mojo Rawley or Big Cass. Rawley is still green but he's got WWE personality written all over him.... Enzo Amore would play the role of Big Cass's hype man more than tag team partner in this instance. Cass will make you forget about Strowman as the WWE's newest big man.

3. Goldberg as a Surprise Entrant

-I want one former star that will get a huge response. The rumors have been swirling about Goldberg as of late, in terms of Wrestlemania. I'm not really a fan of that, but I understand they're trying to sell seats and the roster is thin. So if there's a chance he's coming, lets start here.

4. Reigns wins it(read on)
-But wait, earlier I said I didn't want him to win. Here's my reasoning: If he wins it I want to see this be an elaborate plan by the McMahons with him joining the Authority. It's far fetched. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense at this point, but what really does in the WWE these days? I think the idea of heel Reigns with help from the Authority V Lesnar at Wrestlemania is more appealing than face Reigns V Lesnar. The underdog role at Wrestlemania has been done.... see Daniel Bryan.



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