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Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Ranking The King of The Ring PPVs

By @TrueGodImmortal

The King of the Ring PPV is no longer around, but for 10 years, it was a big PPV for the WWF. Today, as the week comes to an end, we rank the PPVs from worst to best.

10. King of the Ring 1995

-I don't think this needs much explaining. Mabel won the King of the Ring tournament. Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sycho Sid and Tatanka was the main event. Nothing could really be worse than this.

9. King of the Ring 1994

-This event certainly tried its hardest to be the worst of them all. Owen won the tournament and that was a highlight but they closed out the event with a terrible and unnecessary Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Jerry Lawler match. Terrible PPV but a good moment for Owen.

8. King of The Ring 1999

-Billy Gunn won the tournament. I mean let's start there. The rest of the matches were pretty lackluster except for a pretty good title match with the Rock vs Undertaker, but the rest of this fell flat. The main event was fun at times, but that's only due to Austin being involved, but the match itself is pretty terrible. Very weak show overall with a bad winner of the tournament.

7. King of The Ring 2000

-This didn't really have much potential to me personally, but Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho was a great match and some of the tournament matches were decent. The main event was a clusterfuck, but the moment of seeing The Rock get the title back was great.

6. King of the Ring 1996

-This was a good event. Nothing special, but I enjoyed the Bulldog vs HBK match, the tournament matches and although the Warrior vs Lawler match was lackluster, seeing Warrior was always fun. The brawl at the end helped as well.

5. King of the Ring 1998

-Just discussed this one and although it wasn't the greatest overall, just Taker vs Mankind is enough to garner a spot on the list. Add in Rock vs Shamrock and X-Pac vs Owen and you've got a very solid card.

4. King of the Ring 1997

-This was a very solid event. Austin vs HBK. HHH vs Mankind. Even the main event wasn't bad with Taker and Faarooq. The six man tag match as well. Everything for the most part was good here. I enjoy this PPV. Definitely a top 5 KOTR.

3. King of the Ring 1993

-Now, I know.... how does this one make it so high while the 94 and 95 ones were so bad? Well, let's see, Razor Ramon vs Bret. Bret vs Mr. Perfect. Shawn vs Crush. Bret vs Bam Bam. Hogan vs Yokozuna. I enjoyed just about everything on this PPV.

2. King of the Ring 2002

-Another one that was full of great matches and big matches. RVD vs Jericho, Brock vs Test, Hogan vs Angle, HHH vs Taker, and an appearance by Rock. Everything lined up perfectly for this one and though Flair vs Eddie is an odd match, it also is a fun watch. This was tough to put at no. 2 because it could have a case for no. 1.

1. King of the Ring 2001

-The best. I struggled between this one and 2002, but I gave this the edge(No put intended) just because of Angle vs Shane. Austin vs Benoit vs Jericho is a great match too, as are the tournament matches. There's nothing bad about this PPV, I even enjoy Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac as well. All around great PPV and the best King of the Ring PPV.

What are your rankings? Post your opinion in the comments section.



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