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Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Top 5: Best Moments of Daniel Bryan's Career in WWE

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Now, Daniel Bryan has had many great moments in his career. As an indie wrestler, he had big moments on the circuit, but once he made it to WWE, things changed. He had to fight for every opportunity he got. Today, to kick off Daniel Bryan week, we talk the top 5 moments of his career in WWE.

5. Winning the 2011 Money In the Bank

-I remember going into 2011, I had no idea who was going to win the MITB briefcase and I had personally not suspected Daniel Bryan as the choice to win the match. I thought he was there for a spot or two and to just get someone else over, but I was greatly and happily wrong. Bryan walked away with the briefcase in Chicago and from there, he began his rise in WWE for the first time.

4. Winning His First World Title in 2011

-Live at TLC 2011, which I was there in person, I watched Bryan cash in his briefcase and walk away with his first world title. Bryan would get involved with Big Show and Mark Henry during this run and after being a prime opportunist and winning the World Title after Big Show was attacked by Henry. Bryan finally reached the top of the mountain essentially, but it would not be his greatest moment. It was just merely the beginning.

3. The Moment Against the Wyatts 

-Out of all the moments that Bryan had with his YES! chant and his fanbase, nothing compared to a January 2014 edition of RAW as Bryan, under the control of the Wyatts, teamed with Bray to lose to the Usos. What followed was Bryan breaking away from their control and decimating Bray, only making his popularity greater, as he stood with 15,000 in unison as they all chanted YES! YES! YES! in what is probably the most epic moment crowd wise we've seen in years. This is definitely one of the best moments in Bryan's career. This is when we all knew that Bryan should be THE guy.

2. Defeating John Cena clean for his first WWE Title at Summerslam 2013

-Up until Summerslam 2013, Cena hadn't been defeated clean by very many. A truly short list of people that included HHH, HBK, The Rock and other big names. Bryan would add himself to that list with a running knee and pinfall over Cena, which made the crowd go crazy. However, it was short lived, as HHH turned on Bryan and Orton cashed in to win the title. This would however be the start of the long term feud that would lead to Bryan's greatest moment period in WWE and possibly overall.

1. Headlining Wrestlemania 30

-Not many people wrestle two matches in a night. Not too many people make history and put on two good matches in one night. Not too many people headline Wrestlemania and have it built around them. Essentially that's what Bryan did. With him being the driving force for Mania, he would open the show and put on a classic against Triple H, getting a big victory to advance later on in the night and fight Batista and Orton in the main event for the title. He would put on a great performance and finish the night with a great victory to cement his legacy in front of 70,000 plus people all chanting YES! at the biggest event of the year. It is for sure the biggest and top moment in Bryan's career in WWE.

If you have other moments, please put them below in the comments section.



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