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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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Retrospective: The Undertaker's Worst Opponents

By @TrueGodImmortal

The Undertaker week rolls on with another article as today we discuss the worst opponents that Taker has ever faced. In many ways, Taker went through the early part of his career fighting some horrible opponents. We look back at some of the absolute worst that he's faced.

*Luther Reigns 

-This was a weird feud. I never quite understood the point of Taker vs Reigns and I remember their matches being boring and the feud having very little excitement. This might be a top 5 worst, as this was meaningless.

*Big Show and A-Train

-In what was one of the worst Wrestlemania matches in Taker's career, he would feud with both men with the help of Nathan Jones, who they wanted to push. Luckily, Nathan flopped and Taker unfortunately had a handicap match that was just as bad as expected.

*Sycho Sid

-Taker went into Mania 13 with his eyes set on the title and Sid was the champion. The worst main event in Wrestlemania history to me was this match. Slow, boring and Taker had no chemistry with Sid. A terrible idea by the WWE to make this happen.

*Big Bossman

-In many ways, this might be the worst of them all. Taker at Mania really wasn't looking too good in the first 10 years of his career. A lot of lackluster opponents and matches and this bout with Big Bossman in the Hell in A Cell was a sad display, hands down. No chemistry and they put on a horrible match at the biggest event of the year.

*The Great Khali

-A terrible feud. A horrible set of matches. Taker lost clean to Khali. What was Vince thinking. This was absolutely one of the worst feuds and moments in the career of Undertaker. Khali was horrible in the ring and Taker couldn't even carry him to a decent match.

*Diamond Dallas Page

-This was the oddest feud I've ever witnessed honestly. DDP stalked Taker's barely slightly possibly attractive wife Sara, and I'm not sure why. This feud was really pointless and only served to get Sara some TV time and paint DDP as some scumbag creep. It didn't have a classic match or any good moments. It was yet another meaningless feud for Taker.


-Horrible feud. Horrible matches. I keep repeating myself but that's the best way to sum it all up. Mabel vs Taker started really over Taker having his face hurt and being forced to wear a facial mask after being attacked by Mabel. Their matches were devoid of chemistry and excitement and Mabel just wasn't the right guy to do battle against.

*Fake Undertaker

-No idea who thought this was a good idea, but this is one of the most laughable moments in the career of Taker. Summerslam 1994 was headlined by this mess of a feud and match and it remains a low point for Taker over the years. Nothing about it made sense and when looking back now, it was quite silly.

*King Kong Bundy

-King Kong Bundy was a legend. A true legend. But this was bad. Taker vs King Kong Bundy was a waste of time and only intended to further a feud between Ted DiBiase and his stable and Taker. The result? A terrible match at Wrestlemania 11.

*Muhammad Hassan

-This was an interesting experiment so to speak. Muhammad Hassan wasn't the best wrestler or talker, but his character was controversial and offensive. It just didn't work. Taker was not the guy to put him over and the feud lost steam very quickly.

*Vladimir Kozlov

-Remember the rumors that Kozlov and Taker would fight at Mania and he would break the streak? Lack of chemistry and Kozlov still being green as hell in the ring squashed all that nonsense. Terrible feud that mainly lasted on Smackdown TV and never went much further. We're thankful for that. Still, Taker put Kozlov over clean once. That's a horrible thing to think about.


-The man who uncomfortably roughed up Michael Cole while reciting a horrible poem. That's this man's legacy and he added to it by having a pointless feud with Taker that brought Taker down a notch just because. Taker won the feud but this was a horrible moment in his career without a doubt.

*Giant Gonzalez

-The absolute worst. The man with a damn body suit as his attire who was just big and couldn't wrestle. Taker feuded with him during both Mania and Summerslam. This is hands down his worst opponent. It's no way possible that this isn't no. 1. There was no chemistry. No good work in the ring. The man had on a damn painted body suit. This was horrible. The only thing worse would have been Taker vs Shockmaster himself. The absolute worst opponent ever for Taker period.

See any opponents missing from the list? Post them below in the comments section.



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