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Friday, March 11, 2016

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Top 5: Best Bret Hart Matches

By @TrueGodImmortal

Bret Hart Week is coming to a close, but how could we finish off the week without a list of the top 5 Bret Hart matches. This is a list of his 5 best matches ever and honestly, the order of some of these might surprise you. Let the games begin.

5. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 
Wrestlemania 12

-Yes. This is no. 5, not at the top. Shawn vs Bret for an hour is a classic, but it's not Bret's best match at all. Bret and Shawn put on an amazing match, that went to sudden death before Shawn got the victory. That match was a pleasure to watch, but repeat viewings made it fall down on my list from the top 3. Still, a great match regardless.

4. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart 
Summerslam 1994

-In my opinion, this is the best steel cage match ever bar none. Bret and Owen put on an absolute classic and every time I watch it, it seemingly gets better. The mayhem that follows after is also great. The chemistry that Bret and Owen had was unrivaled and their feud in 1994 was a classic. This won't be the only Bret vs Owen match on this list.

3. Bret Hart vs British Bulldog
Summerslam 1992

-Bret would put on his biggest performances at Summerslam and Wrestlemania. Another Summerslam match that just missed the list was his classic with Mr. Perfect in 1991, but the following year, Bret and Bulldog put on a classic in front of 80,000 fans in London. The 30 minute contest was a back and forth battle that saw Bulldog walk away with Bret's Intercontinental Championship and the victory.

2. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart 
Wrestlemania 10

-This is still the greatest opening match in Wrestlemania history and one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history period. Bret and Owen went for 20 plus minutes in an exciting contest of brother vs brother that gets better with every watch. That's the mark of a true classic without question. Bret vs Owen is truly one of my personal favorite rivalries and this match truly kicked it off in a major way. Owen getting the victory honestly shocked me when I first watched it. Surreal.

1. Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Wrestlemania 13

-This is not a traditional wrestling match, which is why it ranks so high. Bret was never known for hardcore antics or brutality, but this "Submission" match felt more like a down and dirty street fight. Their Survivor Series 1996 match might be better wrestling wise, but this match had everything, including the amazing double turn for Bret and Austin. Bret wins as Austin passes out, but this match would mean more for Austin in the long run. True classic.

Disagree with any choices? Want to add more of your selections? Post in the comments below.



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