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Sunday, April 17, 2016

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The Plight of Dean Ambrose

By @TrueGodImmortal

Dean Ambrose is currently the most over singles wrestler in the WWE. Now, I know to some that means a lot, but to the WWE it apparently means nothing. Dean has held that spot at the top of the company for 2 years, since Daniel Bryan went down with injury after Wrestlemania 30. When The Shield break up occurred, no one knew who would truly take the reigns out of the trio, but it was obvious that the two strongest guys from that collective were Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, the idiotic company that is WWE didn't see the potential that clearly resides within Ambrose, and they have been forcing Reigns sadly for the last few years. This story begins back in the summer of 2014. When Seth Rollins went solo, he became the top heel in the company. Seth was growing into his role and he needed a true bad ass wrestler to be his adversary. Enter Ambrose.

Ambrose vs Seth Rollins was the feud of 2014 hands down, and the crowds felt the energy between these two men without a doubt. What bothered me about this feud was that in the early stages of the feud, it was placed farther back on the card than it should have been. Rollins and Ambrose were both starting out as singles and Roman Reigns was firmly being pushed as the guy they wanted. The Authority had an issue with both Ambrose and Reigns, but Ambrose would deal with Rollins and Kane, while Reigns was given issues with Triple H and Randy Orton. Now, this was confusing to me, as Ambrose fit the role of the anti hero that could captivate the audience and go hard at The Authority. However, I'm glad that Ambrose and Rollins had their feud, as it entertained me much more than I imagined and solidified both men in their roles. Rollins was the most hated yet loved for his ability heel, and Ambrose was the unlikely face. Ambrose would walk into the Money In The Bank ladder match in 2014 with growing popularity and received one of the biggest pops of this era when he came back in. Though Rollins won the match, Ambrose won the night with the reaction, These reactions continued through the summer and even when Ambrose left for a month to go shoot a WWE film, he returned to huge pops and adulation.

Then, something happened.

Instead of ending the feud with Rollins victorious, Ambrose instead took a loss in a Hell In A Cell match, and would then go on to lose a feud with Bray Wyatt. The joke was that neither Ambrose or Wyatt could win a feud, but Wyatt won that one at least. Ambrose was forced into a pointless IC Title match at Wrestlemania 31 and lost. He was pegged as the favorite to win initially based on his popularity, but Daniel Bryan swept in and got that victory. Ambrose would still be hugely popular, and remain the top 3 for merchandise sales from June 2014- April 2015. He had beat Cena in sales for the month of November 2014, and during the summer of 2014, he was neck and neck with Cena in sales. The only other guy who managed to do this as a full time wrestler since 2011 was CM Punk. Not even Daniel Bryan did this. Ambrose had the popularity and he had the merchandise sales, as well as the charisma to carry the company. After the terrible push of Reigns during Wrestlemania 31, one would have imagined that Ambrose would be next in line to get a huge push as the most popular guy in the company right?


He would flirt with the idea of being champion, and get shots at Seth Rollins for the belt, but never seemed to get a chance to run with the belt. As Seth Rollins went down with injury and a tournament was started for the title leading into Survivor Series, Ambrose was the most popular guy get again, and folks hoped he would win the belt deservedly so. Sadly, the title was given to Reigns again, and then Sheamus went on to get the belt from Reigns sparking a horrible feud and pointless moment where Reigns gets the belt back. Ambrose was left floundering in the IC Title picture as he gained momentum and picked up wins over Kevin Owens. However, something seemed off going into Wrestlemania 32. Reigns was getting booed heavily. Ambrose was selling merch. Getting cheered by everyone. Why was he a sidekick? Why was he not given the world title? There were no real answers to this.

Ambrose would be the last man eliminated in the Royal Rumble. He would see his IC Title run come to an end and then he would go on to get a shot at headlining Mania against HHH with the triple threat match against Reigns and Brock for the No. 1 Contender spot. Logic would tell you to pull the trigger and insert Ambrose into the titlematch and right their wrongs, but this is WWE. Reigns won and went on to have one of the worst main events in Mania history with Triple H to win the title. Where did that leave Ambrose? In a match with the biggest draw in the company, Brock Lesnar. Not bad right?

Technically, it wasn't bad. The match was built like a main event, felt like a big match, and had all the makings to steal the show. But it didn't. Why? Because Ambrose was booked horribly in the match. Instead of taking punishment and kicking out of multiple F-5s and suplexes, it took one F-5 on a chair to finish off Ambrose in 13 minutes. It was a waste of Ambrose at Mania and a momentum killer. What becomes of Ambrose now? Still the most over solo wrestler, and huge merch seller. But, he's not a serious contender for the WWE Title and he is currently feuding with Chris Jericho, which should be fun. That's the problem. Ambrose puts on good feuds, can perform, is over with the crowd, and has all the tools of a star. Yet WWE refuses to go with him as the guy. Will he get a shot to carry the company by Summerslam? Mania 33? Or will they never give him the shot he truly deserves? Time will tell, but it doesn't look likely. Which is sad, because Ambrose could be the key to changing the WWE fortune business wise. I guess we'll never know because he isn't a good guy, bad guy, or THE GUY like some forced sad sack of garbage. Ambrose is just over, popular, able to connect and carry a feud, and has the makings of a star. Seems like that's scary to WWE because IT MAKES SENSE.

Will the plight of Ambrose ever change? Time will tell, but it doesn't seem likely.



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