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Saturday, May 7, 2016

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EOTR Power Rankings: Top 5 Current Tag Teams

By @MeenHendrix 

The title is pretty self explanatory. So I'm going to hop right into it. (The Usos suck btw so they won't be on here).

*Honorable Mention: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro
-Kidd and Cesaro missed the list because they've been out of action since Tyson Kidd injured his neck last year. They were my favorite tag team at the time of their unfortunate hiatus. Kidd and Cesaro developed tremendous chemistry right out of the gate and went on to put out some of the best matches the tag team division had been lacking in 2015. Kidd's newfound confidence from his run in NXT had a big impact on Cesaro that led them into one of the most bold and brash teams the company has seen the last decade.

5. The Vaudevillains

-When Aiden English and Simon Gotch were first paired up together it was like instant magic. Aiden, the over dramatic drama king and Gotch, the power house with the handle bar mustache were meant for each other. Their 1920's gimmick and look was a fresh new look for NXT. Don't let the ugly clothes fool you though. English's mat wrestling and Gotch's power in a small frame has made for an interesting combination in the ring. They're fun to watch and if booked the right way the main roster will have a new versatile team who can play the role of heels or triumphant babyfaces to perfection due to English's amazing but underrated mic skills and Gotch's wild antics in the ring.

4. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

-Enzo and Cass are a match made in Dirty Jersey heaven. Their tough guys who can talk smoother than a con artist and beat you up. I always thought they would be better with Big Cass as a Singles star and Enzo as his manager, but these guys are too entertaining as a team. Enzo clearly lacks the skills to be a main star, but his personality and wordplay keeps him very much in the mix to stay popular. Throw in Big Cass's ability to run through the opponents after a hot tag and he can easily mask Enzo's weaknesses. They make for the perfect pair and I would love to see them finally hold gold.

3. American Alpha

I struggled with the choice here between this team and the number 2 team on the list, but I feel as though they are interchangeable. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are phenomenal. They remind everyone of The World's Greatest Tag Team Benjamin and Haas, but in my opinion they're better. I mean Jordan and Gable are both better than Charlie Haas and together, they form a better brand of excitement than WGTT. At first I thought this was a stupid idea. Jason Jordan just broke up with Tye Dillinger, so why would he be thrown into another tag team? Chad Gable is what makes these guys go. After walking around with seemingly no confidence or direction, Jordan paired up with Gable and became almost a brand new guy. Gable's arrogant but fun loving personality rubbed off on Jordan and gave him a new breath of confidence. And these guys can wrestle too. Their mat base style mixed in with Gable's Suplex-Machine like style and Jordan's incredible athleticism give these guys a cool new style that's very fun to watch. I almost jumped out of seat when they won the NXT Tag Team Titles. And the custom tracksuits are fucking awesome! I mean have you seen them? They're so dope.

2. The Revival

-Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Two of the baddest dudes in the business. They don't do much talking. They fight. Their motto? No Flips. Just Fists. They live and die by that motto. They're throwbacks. They remind me of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. They love to abuse their opponents. They beat you down and finish you off with the Shatter Machine (You should check it out if you've never seen it.). But these guys aren't just great brawlers. They're smart too. Once they find a limb to take out they work it like surgeon. In fact, the way they methodically took out the knee of Colin Cassady, Aiden English and Finn Bálor has led them to an NXT Tag Team Championship run and a statement that these guys are not to be messed with. The reason I pushed them slightly ahead of American Alpha is their heel work at NXT Takeover: Dallas. Watch that match and tell me that isn't some all time great villany (not sure if that's a word but they were super bad ass that night). I wrote a article about them recently so you should check that out.

1. The New Day

Everyone knows how much I love the New Day. Everyone loves the New Day. These guys are hot like lava. They took a shitty gimmick as always happy babyfaces and turned it into one of the best acts I've ever enjoyed watching. The condescending nature of their gimmick made them lovable heels. I mean they're always smiling while telling you that its a good thing for everyone that they're better than you. Xavier Woods is what makes this team go. The Loudmouth with the trombone is hilarious and his skills on the mic makes them even more enjoyable. Throw in Kofi's high flying offense and Big E's power and you get more than just some guys who can make a couple of immature jokes. These guys can fight and dance in the middle of beating your ass and I love every minute of it. I thought they were gonna go Nation of Domination 2.0, but this is way more entertaining than that for me.

These are my top 5 teams in WWE, what's your top 5? Post and join the conversation below in the comments.



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