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Sunday, May 22, 2016

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Welcome Back Seth Rollins

By @TrueGodImmortal

As I watched the main event of Extreme Rules, I couldn't help but feel compelled to hope to see the return of Seth Rollins to WWE TV. I thought to myself, man, what if Seth returns and helps Reigns wins or costs Reigns the belt. I wanted to see AJ Styles win the WWE Title because AJ proved he is a big time player in the business with him outperforming and stealing the show in the entire feud against Reigns. That's not even a knock on Reigns, who showed up and did his thing as well, but Styles was just miles ahead of him to me.

However, after Reigns retained the belt, I saw and laughed at the boos from fans, as they were still not feeling this Reigns as the guy experiment and despite his good performances, there is no city in America right now 100% or even 80% sold on Roman Reigns. As I laughed at the boos, I heard a growing amount of cheering occurring, and I saw the man who we hadn't watched in 7 months creep behind Reigns and drop him with a pedigree. The joy and elation of a huge pop from the crowd captivated my ears as the glorious return of Seth Rollins was solidified in these final moments of the PPV. I almost jumped out of my seat watching Rollins return, with a new logo and new shirt to boot as well.

It's been a long 7 months without Rollins and in many ways, he feels like a savior of the company right now. The forcing of Reigns has been a nightmare and Wrestlemania 32 was absolutely dreadful to watch, and the main event of Reigns and Triple H was horrible. Some of us felt as if Rollins was really supposed to be in that main event position and truthfully, he should have been. However, his brutal injury required to miss Mania, an unfortunate turn of events that left the show feeling a bit lost without him. As crazy as it sounds, over the last two years, Seth Rollins has become the franchise player for the WWE. He's earned everyone's respect with his ability in the ring and his growing mic skills overall. He oozes star power, his charisma and comfort as a character has only gotten much better, and as far as the main event scene goes, he's truly the best man for the job of WWE Champion.

As he faced injury going into Survivor Series last year, we watched Ambrose vs Reigns, Sheamus vs Reigns, Ambrose vs Triple H, Reigns vs Triple H, and now most recently Styles vs Reigns. Out of those matches/feuds, the only ones that truly captivated us were Ambrose and Triple H briefly, and of course, the entertaining Styles vs Reigns. The main event scene was a clusterfuck before Wrestlemania 32, but now things are starting to pick up with Rollins now back. It's like when The Rock was gone from the company, or when Daniel Bryan was out, or when Stone Cold got injured, it felt like there was a void. Seth left a void in the company and show that couldn't be described. The show itself has been subpar the last year or two anyways, but we could always count on Seth Rollins to entertain us week after week. We lost that for 7 months.

With his return, one has to wonder what's next for him. The obvious answer is a title feud with Reigns, but is that rushing? In 7 months, we've had 3 title reigns from Roman, 1 from Sheamus, and 1 from Triple H. All of those title reigns have been terrible. Absolutely terrible. Reigns is on a little bit of a roll right now, but Rollins truly showed how to carry that belt correctly and I think the time is now to put the belt back on him again. The issue here is that the WWE want to keep forcing Reigns as this face and Rollins as a heel, as evidenced by the sneak attack on Reigns last night, but that's not going to work. The people don't want to boo Seth Rollins. They will cheer him every single week he is there, even if he disrespected or talked bad about the crowd, we still love him. Reigns is overbooked and the fans are tired of it, despite the last two good matches he's had, so Rollins will be seen as a savior to fans hoping Reigns drops the title.

The reality is, Rollins returning means Reigns likely faces him at Money in the Bank and Battleground and defeats him both times before moving onto a different feud for the belt. I think the smart option is to prolong this feud and stretch it to Summerslam, then make Reigns drop the belt there in a triple threat with Rollins and Ambrose. Reigns doesn't need the belt much longer in this particular reign and since the experiment isn't working, why not put the belt on Seth at Summerslam and let him entertain as only he can.

There's feuds in waiting for Rollins also, none being more lucrative than a battle and feud with AJ Styles and The Club. AJ works well with the Club and him vs Seth is a dream match waiting to happen. Imagine this feud going for months for the WWE Title? Or how about when Finn Balor gets called up and Seth does battle with him? Or maybe Seth becomes face and gets to feud with a Kevin Owens? Or Seth vs Sami Zayn? Seth and Cesaro in a feud? The possibilities are endless for Seth, but one thing is for sure: it's damn good to have him back. Welcome back, Seth. Now, get back to the title, champ.



  1. Glad to see Seth has recovered from his injuries and his back in the ring. I wish him the best of luck, hope he makes a great comeback.

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