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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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What's Left For Triple H in Wrestling?

By @TrueGodImmortal

So, if you've heard the news, Triple H has signed a contract to wrestle for WWE for three more years. Now, despite a horrible Wrestlemania 32 main event and the most pointless WWE title reign during Mania season, there are some advantages and disadvantages to HHH wrestling another three years. While he's not expected to be in full time competition, and will likely only wrestle a few times a year, one would have to wonder if he's getting beyond his prime.

He had a great match with Dean Ambrose at Roadblock, but when given 30 minutes with Roman Reigns, they had one of the worst marches on the entire Wrestlemania card, and one of the worst main events in Mania history. Granted, there will likely or shouldn't be anymore HHH vs Reigns matches, I do think putting HHH in there with a talent who can carry the match will only be better for all of us, and Hunter himself. The WWE is full of new talent and NXT has a ton of guys coming up to the main roster, so with three years left in his contract (and hopefully his in ring career), I wanted to take a look at the possibilities for him going forward. There are some big matches potentially in waiting, though we can't look three years ahead and predict who gets fired, injured, or something of that nature. These are some of the options left for HHH in WWE currently:

*Feud with Seth Rollins

-if there was anything that's a guarantee for HHH, this would be it. HHH vs Seth was seemingly set going into Wrestlemania 32 before Seth got injured. Seth is on his way back, and Triple H has been off TV for a while, but could we see this turn into a feud when both men are back? Perhaps Summerslam? Wrestlemania 33? I would prefer Summerslam, but regardless this match and feud would be interesting on every level. It's the first MUST on the list for HHH.

*Feud With Bray Wyatt

-This is the next MUST on the list. Bray and Triple H going back and forward with promos? Bray taking down this new corporate version of Triple H? Sign me up. Bray and Triple H could have a physical feud, backed with the intensity of the mission of Bray and the asshole nature of HHH, this all makes for interesting TV and the matches might be amazing with the right stipulations.

*Feud With Kevin Owens

-I know, HHH vs Owens might not seem like a dream match to some, but this is truly the best feud for Owens to get to the next level. HHH is a veteran who should be most focused on putting over the next generation and who better than Owens? Promo wise, this would be the biggest battle for Owens to stand in the ring across from HHH and talk that talk. In ring wise, Owens is able to carry HHH to a great match, and their chemistry could be off the wall. Only time will tell. Save this for 2017.

*A Wrestlemania Match With The Rock

-Wrestlemania 33.... Florida. Triple H. The Rock. They've hinted at this for a while, but who knows if this happens. Most signs point to no, but who knows anymore? The one thing these two have never done is go one on one at Wrestlemania. Could they both have their last match together at Wrestlemania 34 or 35?

*Triple H vs Finn Balor 

-The student and the teacher? This would be a bit odd, but it's a possibility to happen if Finn comes up to the main roster. Perhaps at Summerslam in 2017? Or 2018 before Triple H finishes his contract?

*Triple H vs AJ Styles

-The Authority storyline seems to be closing, but to be completely honest, they could resurrect it for the sake of a feud between the Club and the Authority. Triple H, Sheamus and someone else against Styles, Anderson and Gallows? Or maybe Balor will he involved as well, combining two feuds into one. This could be a great battle and the match between Styles and Triple H would be awesome.

*Triple H vs Cesaro

-This is self explanatory. Cesaro could pull a classic out of Triple H, even if it was a small feud that lasted a few weeks or one PPV. Cesaro vs HHH given 20 minutes would be amazing.

*Triple H vs Sami Zayn

-Another one that is NXT personal in some way. Sami works well against heels and what better heel to put him over than Triple H? This could be an intense feud and amazing match as well.

The truth is, Triple H doesn't have much to accomplish anyway, so all his tasks left are rooted in working with the new stars and the upcoming guys. Other than that, we are slowly nearing the end of a legendary career. Let's hope he hangs it up when this contract is finished.



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