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Saturday, May 21, 2016

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Will The WWE's Loss Be The Indies Gain?

By @TrueGodImmortal

So, this month, there were quite a few losses that took place in the WWE world. WWE decided to get rid of a few talents, and rumor has it there might be more on the way out. Now, the WWE has such a big roster that they could afford to get rid of some of these talents, and some of them will not be missed anyways. The ones that will not be missed are of course Hornswoggle, El Torito, and the awful Alex Riley. But, perhaps, the other people who were fired or, a rather "Dashing" superstar who just recently asked for his release, will make a bigger impact.

The Indies need a shot in the arm. This could very well be it. Today, I look at the possibilities of what these recent departures from WWE could lead to.


-She needs a lot more work in the ring, but her attitude could be well suited for a valet. Her attitude and her sassy personality would actually fit well as a manager for somebody in the indies who isn't necessarily the best talker, but could use a trash talking attractive woman by their side to drive home the point. If she improves as an in ring performer, I could see her working some indie events, like a Queens of Combat, Shimmer, or things like that. She wouldn't necessarily be the next Mia Yim or Candice LeRae, but Cameron has enough popularity and name value to make a splash in the indie world.

*Zeb Colter/Dutch Mantel
-A veteran with a great promo and a hilarious look. Putting him with someone in ROH would truly bolster up the profile of a wrestler who needs it. I don't think he has much use outside of managing, unless he starts to book for an indie company, which is possible, but seems unlikely.

*Wade Barrett

-This man should clean up in the indies similar to how Drew Galloway has cleaned up. He could truly become a big star in the indies and I'd like to see him in EVOLVE, ROH, or just a ton of indies earning sizeable checks and main eventing. There's some matches I'd like to see him have, and I think with his talent and mic skills, he could be a big force in ROH. This is where I hope he ends up.

*Damien Sandow

-This is the most intriguing because he has the most potential of them all. I don't know what the future holds, but it's bright. He's currently just going from indie to indie with a booking or two, but I could see big things for him going forward. A match with Chris Hero, Zack Sabre Jr., feuds in ROH, etc, there are so many things for him to do in this business now that he has the freedom. WWE dropped the ball big time with him and a few others on the list, which is going to bring me to my final selection and my final idea for Sandow. Perhaps, he and Cody Rhodes resurrect the Rhodes Scholars and take this all over the world as a tag team. Tag titles all over the indies would be won.

*Cody Rhodes 

-Cody is one of the best performers and he's made every gimmick that WWE gave him work. He had nothing left to accomplish in WWE, and decided to move on. After the loss of his father, you could see Cody wanted more and more from the business and WWE wasn't going to allow him the opportunity to really reach the heights he should. He is a Rhodes and Rhodes are destined for greatness. Cody can talk, wrestle, alternate characters, he can do it all. So, imagine him in ROH, EVOLVE, AAW, AIW, PWG, or even more so, New Japan. He will excel in competition anywhere, and there's a ton of matches waiting for him and a possible Rhodes Scholars reunion to take on all the great tag teams in the indies(Rhodes Scholars putting an end to that Superkick Party). The possibilities are endless for Cody and the sky is the limit.

Will the indies benefit from the WWE's loss? Only time will tell, but my guess is yes. Enjoy the show.



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