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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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NXT: Which Talents Should They Sign Next?

By @TrueGodImmortal

WWE has found a goldmine in NXT. Initially built as a developmental brand of sorts, it grew to be even better than the actual main roster with solid promoting, new talents consistently, and good in ring performances with the benefit of having well known indie stars in their rankings. Now, as the brand split for the main roster happens once again, you can expect the roster of NXT to be raided soon. With a Samoa Joe, Nakamura, Finn Balor, and Austin Aries likely heading to the main roster soon, it's only right that the WWE and the NXT brand sign these great talents to make 2017 in NXT another epic year.

*Roderick Strong

-The longtime ROH star has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the company. It's time for him to experience a change and perhaps a strong challenge by heading to NXT and getting in the ring with some of the WWE talent and upcoming guys. His contract with ROH is almost up and I'm certain he will end up there.

*Zack Sabre Jr.

-This is almost obvious. He's one of the favorites to win the Cruiserweight Classic and I think he will be in NXT before the year is over. With a great in ring ability, immense talent, and the UK pedigree behind him, this is without a doubt a guy that should be NXT Champion by 2017.


-I feel like the wrestling world is sleeping on ACH. The biggest J. Cole fan that I personally know is also one of the best performers in the business today. More than just athleticism and his agility, ACH is due for a big breakout soon. Given the opportunity and challenge, he will rise to the occasion and that's all he needs. The opportunity. The challenge. ACH would make an amazing addition to the NXT roster, especially as more talents come up to the main roster for the brand split. When his ROH contract is up, I'm sure he will find his way to NXT.


-Why he isn't in NXT yet is simple: he's got other requirements and engagements to finish up, but when it's all said and done, he will end up in NXT. He's too talented to pass up and when he's clear and able to go to NXT, I'm certain he will get a huge push and end up on the main roster within 6-9 months.

*Cedric Alexander

-This is the man who I think is the future of wrestling. Cedric is truly one of a kind and if given the opportunity, he could truly amaze the NXT audience. After the fanfare of his departure from ROH, it seems only a matter of time for him to end up on NXT stealing the show as he usually does. Hands down.

*Tessa Blanchard

-Ricochet and Tessa will both likely end up in WWE soon enough. Tessa still has some growing to do overall, but she's ready for that spotlight and she has improved so much since her start just a few short years ago. She's a future NXT women's champion.

*Candice LeRae

-She's truly talented. I think she's got to come into NXT as herself and not change her name or anything, and she will excel. A roster with Asuka, Bayley (maybe), Carmella, Alexa, Tessa, Mia, and Candice on it will truly take NXT's women division well into 2017 and beyond.

*Mia Yim

-Sure.... she's in TNA, but that can't possibly last too much long right? I mean, TNA is struggling recently and though Mia excels everywhere, adding her to the NXT roster and crowning her women's champion is all that you need. She's more than ready for NXT and the main roster.

*John Skyler

-The Southern Savior is the guy they need to help take NXT to that next level. Having watched him through PWX and various indies, Skyler is certainly ready for that spotlight. He's worked as an enhancement talent for NXT, but without the proper push. Give him a run as a heel and he will shock the world. He's that good.


-I'm hesitant about having three black wrestlers on this list. To be perfectly honest with you. Moose will likely get the Titus O Neil and Apollo Crews treatment, but he has the pedigree that the WWE loves, so maybe they will take take a chance on him. I expect him in NXT very soon.

*Trevor Lee

-Another guy I watched during my time in the business in North Carolina, he's improved so much and earned every accolade he's received so far. One of the better performers today and he continues to amaze and excite. If NXT doesn't snatch him up soon, they're crazy.

*Noam Dar

-Sure, he's on the Cruiserweight Classic, but that doesn't guarantee him a spot on the roster. I haven't watched as much of his work as I have these others on the list, but this international sensation is truly talented and should be under contract for NXT coming soon.

There are some names missing, like Adam Cole, the Young Bucks, TJ Perkins, Drew Gulak, among others, but the time doesn't seem right for them. Not yet. However, the talent pool is heavy for NXT, but slow and steady wins the race. These are must have talents for NXT and when the time comes, I'm sure the WWE will sign them all.



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