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Sunday, June 12, 2016

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ROH Hopkins 6/11/16 Review

By @Headliner5

Hello Ringers, Nathan here once again for another Ring Of Honor review, but this is not a traditional review. I wont be reviewing the TV show per the usual, but rather the house show that took place last night in Hopkins Minnesota that I attended live. This time around we were treated to the Road To Best In The World Tour and it was night 1 of Tag Wars. I wasn't a huge fan of going to this show on paper, but it was a good show overall. Maybe not the best Hopkins show ever, but definitely not the worst, so without any further ado lets get to the show.

Dark Match
Danny Duggan vs. Shaheem Ali

Thoughts: Both of these guys have become regulars in the Hopkins area at these shows, so it was only natural that the two would face off and the match wasn't half bad. People were filing into the building around the time and all I know about the finish is that Danny Duggan won the match, but that's really all you need for this one because at the end of the day, these matches don't matter.

Result: Danny Duggan defeats Shaheem Ali

Match 1
Juice Robinson vs. Dalton Castle

Thoughts: I was surprised to see Juice Robinson on this show, but I wasn't going to complain about it either. This match was solid for an opening contest and did its best to showcase Dalton's abilities while introducing Hopkins to Juice Robinson, for those people that may have been living under a rock for the last year or so.

Result: Dalton Castle defeats Juice Robinson with the Bang A Rang

From there, we went to an impromptu edition of the Fish Tank where Dalton Castle was the guest of Bobby Fish. They talked about attending brunch together where they would use the Boys as human chairs. The segment ended when Dalton said something derogatory towards Fish and Fish cancelled said brunch, which made everyone sad.

Match 2
Chris Sabin vs. Will Ferrara

Thoughts: I'm still not completely sold on Will Ferrara, but this match delivered. Sabin is always a solid hand so I knew that this match would be good and it was. The two had a nice back and forth match before Sabin would pick up the win in a good showing from both men.

Result: Chris Sabin defeats Will Ferrara

Next, we go to the next match where Tag Wars will begin.

Match 3
Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young vs. Moose and Lio Rush vs. War Machine

Tag Wars Round 1 Match Up 

Thoughts: This match was great, all of these guys put in the quality of work that you would expect in a match like this and Lio Rush got absolutely demolished in a few key spots in the match up. This match got tag wars off to an impressive start and had me itching for more. The match came to an end when Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young get the win after Beer City Bruiser hits a top rope splash to pick up the pinfall victory.

Result: Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young defeat Moose and Lio Rush and War Machine via pinfall with a top rope splash.

Match 4
ACH vs. Alex Shelley

Thoughts: This is the match that I was most looking forward to this show and it did a damn good job in delivering on my high expectations. These guys broke out every possible offensive maneuver they had and were able to match each other with every move and counter move. A great match that you'll want to see once the DVD is released. The match would come to a thrilling conclusion when ACH ascended to the top rope to hit a midnight star (450 Splash) before securing the pinfall victory.

Result: ACH defeats Alex Shelley via pinfall after the Midnight Star.

From there, Steve Corino made his way out to the ring for an exclusive interview about his match with BJ Whitmer at Best In the World. Steve would give a great interview and cap it off by saying that he is going to kill BJ Whitmer in 13 days.

We went to the next match of the night.

Match 5
Donovan Dijak vs. Cheeseburger

Thoughts: Ever wonder what it's like to witness a live murder? Well this was pretty damn close. At no point in this match did Cheeseburger even have a chance and every time it looked like he was going to mount some sort of offense, Donovan Dijak would catch him out of thin air and throw him into some random part of the building. The match and Cheeseburger's life (okay not really) came to an end when Donovan Dijak caught Cheeseburger and hit him with Feast Your Eyes before scoring the deciding pinfall.

Result: Donovan Dijak defeated Cheeseburger via pinfall after Feast Your Eyes.

Match 6
All Night Express vs. Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks

Tag Wars Round 1 Match Up

Thoughts: This match was damn good, and it was filled with nonstop action as every single member of this match did their best to put on a show and they damn well succeeded.  The worst part of this match wasn't the match itself, but it was some dumb ass next to us trying to pick a fight with Kenny King the entire time until King said something to him so that he would shut up. The match came to an end when The All Night Express got the win via pinfall.

Result: All Night Express defeats Roppongi Vice and The Young Bucks

Now, we go to the match that I believe was the match of the night.

Match 7
Kamataichi vs. Michael Elgin

Thoughts: Wow I loved everything about this match. I knew going in that there was absolutely no way that Michael Elgin would lose this one and I was right, but this match delivered on so many levels. I'm starting to come around to Michael Elgin once again, as I've always liked him as a wrestler, but I'm just not a fan of how he's booked, but at the same time I completely understand the logic. Kamataichi being at this show was a pleasant surprise and I'm glad that I got to see him live as he is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. If this entire card would have been the drizzling shits and this was the only match that was any good, I would of still have gone home happy, but that wasn't the case and this match still delivered big time.

Result: Michael Elgin defeats Kamataichi via pinfall with an Elgin Bomb

Finally, we go to the main event of the evening.

Main Event - Match 8
The Briscoes vs. reDRagon vs. Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal

Tag Wars Round 1 Match Up

Thoughts: Hell of a main event, I would have been fine with any team winning this match to be honest, as I like all of the guys involved. Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal being a team threw me off though. This match had everything a wrestling fan could want in a wrestling match, as all six guys completely brought the house down. While this wasn't my favorite match of the show, it was still very good. The match would come to an end when the Briscoes win the match via pinfall after Jay Briscoe hits Roderick Strong with the Jay Driller.

Result: The Briscoes defeat reDRagon and Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal via pinfall after Jay hits Roderick with the Jay Driller

Good match to cap off a really fun night of action in Hopkins, not quite sure where I would rank this show among the other shows that have taken place in Hopkins, but I would definitely recommend this show just for the Kamaitachi vs. Michael Elgin match alone as it was some really good stuff.

Once again, a return date was not announced so we will have to see when they will come back, but I hope it's sooner rather than later.

That however will do it for me and this special ROH review, overall this was a very good show and I can't wait to rewatch it on VOD and DVD when it becomes available.

In closing, make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5 and thank you once again for reading. Post any comments below.



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