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Thursday, June 23, 2016

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What The Reigns Suspension Could Mean

By @SpeedontheBeat

I know, I know. It's a topic that's probably been beaten to death like a dead horse by a dead horse. However, it's still some pretty big news. So, for the benefit of those who've been avoiding the "dirt sheets" (LOL) and any spoiler-esque material like the Plague, Cena Heir Apparent former WWE WHC Roman Reigns was suspended recently for thirty days for his first offense against the WWE's Wellness Policy.

Before we start screaming "steroids," a lot of things are, apparently, tested for within the WWE Wellness tests. So, it could've been weed. It could've been PCP-laced crack cocaine. It, also, could've been steroids. But, we're not here to speculate about what or even why Reigns got popped with something illegal in the first place.

Instead, let's talk some wrasslin'. As always, look for my Russo-esque musings as if I don't mark the hell out over something amazeballs in wrestling because why not?

With Reigns out for the next month-or-so (even though he's slated to, because I have no witty comeback, be a part of Battleground), what could happen within the WWE Universe? For starters, we don't have to deal with "suffering succotash"-esque promos from THE Guy. Seriously, can someone get him a manager or something? But, that brings me to my first point. If Reigns is out, this is a great time to reset his character. He's just not working as Samoan Cena. Sorry not sorry.

I hate saying "HEEL TURN" as a remedy for people being stale. But...Reigns turning heel may be the only thing left for him at this point. More and more fans, including the "casuals," are starting to turn on him. It's not just us grown-ass men at events booing him or tuning him out with their own chants. Even the kids and ladies are starting to say "eh." Sure, he's got the body of a GAWD (read that in a Vince McMahon voice), but he's just not charismatic enough to be front and center. Give him a manager, have him come back and beat the crap out of everyone, have said manager tell the Universe that Reigns is tired of hearing your booing bullcrap. He's THE Guy, now and forever. Boom. You've got yourself Samoan Brock Lesnar.

And, truth be told? That's not a bad position for Reigns to be in. He can just come in, kick ass, leave, and have his manager talk crap. If they're going to try and save Reigns, this suspension couldn't have come at a better time.

But, what about the rest of the talent? Well, plain and simple, they've got to step the hell up. Roman's only going to be out for a month. That's a lot of time for a, say, Kevin Owens to come in and bulldoze his way in or a Sami Zayn to challenge Seth Rollins (that's a Smackdown match tonight, by the way; I hear it's pretty solid) and reassert himself as a star in the making (he just needs that one chance, that one signature victory). However, for WWE WHC Champion Dean Ambrose, it's a chance for him to showcase that he truly can be THE Guy (sorry Roman).

Think back to Ambrose's main event run in late 2014. He had a head full of steam, but due to wacky promos (see his testicular torture of a Seth Rollins dummy) and wackier moments (see TLC 2014), people started to think of him less as a loose cannon, less as what Brian Pillman could've been, and more of a comedic foil. He became Reigns' little buddy. This is a chance to atone for that. He's like Stone Cold and Pillman wrapped into one Mankind-esque package. He can take torture, he can dish it out, he can talk on the mic, and he can wrestle his ass off.


For Ambrose, this is just as much of a critical time as it is for, potentially, "saving" the Reigns persona. Seth Rollins will be fine regardless of what happens in the next month. He's SETHFRIGGINGROLLINS. He came back after close to a year to a mammoth pop. He'll be fine. But for Ambrose, he has a chance to make some history and some classic matches with Rollins (and perhaps Reigns). They've got to book Ambrose like they would've booked Stone Cold.

That's my opinion on it. That's my bottom line.


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