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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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What's Going On With The WWE Women's Division?

By @TrueGodImmortal

You remember getting ready for Wrestlemania 32 and one of the matches you were excited for was the Triple Threat match between Sasha, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch? Well, I remember. I was extremely excited to see the match, a rarity when it comes to women's matches honestly for me, but at Wrestlemania 32, I was beyond excited. I saw the possibility of Sasha Banks finally winning the title and the long annoying run of Charlotte finally coming to an end. However, things changed quickly. As the Wrestlemania 32 match arrived, it seemed like the logical thing to do was to get Sasha the victory, but somehow, the WWE stuck with the Flair name and of course the lineage. It was a terrible decision and one that has since backfired.

How has it backfired? Let's look at the division at the moment. What's the issue? Well, right now, Emma is injured, so Dana Brooke is currently aligned with Charlotte and they're locked in a feud with Natalya and Becky Lynch. Meanwhile, Naomi is nowhere to be found, the popular Paige is currently on dates with Del Rio instead of competing for championships, Sasha isn't getting ample TV time, and Bayley hasn't been called up yet, and neither has Asuka. The problem with this is that the more popular women wrestlers are not being shown or promoted, while someone like Dana Brooke is being given an opportunity to stand next to the champion. What bothers me about this is that Dana Brooke isn't a promising star. She's rather boring, is middle of the road in the ring, and her gimmick doesn't seem like it has an upside to it.

Natalya is beyond her prime and while still a viable wrestler, I don't think a feud with her and Charlotte truly excited the fans. It was used as an excuse to get Bret involved and Flair involved, and now that that's over with, what's the purpose? What's next? A triple threat between Natalya, Becky, and Charlotte? Basically the Wrestlemania triple threat without the most exciting element of it? Well, of course. Becky vs Charlotte is possible, but that's a revisit, just like Paige vs Charlotte would be. The dreaded feud that seems to be on the way is within an impending breakup and it would be horrible.

Dana Brooke competing for the WWE Women's Title is just a terrible idea. Against Charlotte too? Yes, horrible idea. I don't want to see that feud, see those promos, or what could come of it. I think it's time for Charlotte to drop the belt and if I had to pick a place for her to do it? I'd choose Summerslam. Why you say? Well it's simple. After Charlotte walks out of Battleground with the Women's Title, she will need a new challenger heading into Brooklyn. While that would be a good time to debut Bayley, I'd say hold off on Bayley debuting until Summerslam weekend itself, AFTER she loses her rematch for the NXT Women's Title against Asuka. So who should be the one to dethrone Charlotte at Summerslam, you ask?

Sasha Banks. 

Concussion or not, Sasha is not injury prone. She had a freak accident, but she's been wrestling on the house shows, has been showcasing her ability, and is still the most over woman on the roster. She's got the appeal, the looks, and the talent to carry this division, and I think the first step in this is to have Sasha interrupt Charlotte the night after Battleground and lay down a challenge for Summerslam. One on one. Charlotte vs Sasha. Sasha walks out of Brooklyn with the title and Charlotte gets her rematch at Night of Champions. This is already a step up from what we've been seeing, but it doesn't end there.

If I'm WWE, I'd have a no. 1 contender's match between Bayley and Becky Lynch at Night of Champions also, providing us with two huge feuds for the women going into the fall. Charlotte vs Sasha and Bayley vs Becky. I'd have Becky pull out the victory, and turn heel, leaving Bayley to feud with Charlotte, while Becky and Sasha got at it, then at Survivor Series, I'd have a big fatal four way title match between the ladies, where Sasha would retain. The story arc here should truly lead to a Bayley vs Sasha one on one match at Mania 33, OR, if we really want to take it higher, throwing Asuka onto the main roster and putting her in the match for a triple threat yet again at Mania. Sasha vs Bayley vs Asuka at Mania 33 for the title would be the biggest statement the WWE could make and could be a true classic.

Regardless, the WWE needs a fix for their division, and while it isn't that hard to fix it, one has to wonder if WWE are just too blind to see it. Get the title off Charlotte. Get Bayley called up. Book these feuds stronger. Give Sasha the title. Move Dana Brooke out of the spotlight. Push Naomi. Give Paige some shine and push her to improve. It's crazy that a division with such promise is lacking, but that's what happens with WWE. Wasted potential. Can the WWE turn it around? Sure. Will they? That remains to be seen.



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