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Thursday, July 28, 2016

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5 Reasons The WCW/ECW Invasion Failed

By @BMDontCheat 

As my first article for EOTR, I'll be covering the top 5 things that fucked up the "Invasion" angle. Now as you may know, 2001 was already an interesting year for WWF. A heel turn of the century for Stone Cold, a trifecta of classic PPV's from Royal Rumble to No Way Out to Wrestlemania 17, and Vince McMahon finally put an end to the rival company known ass "WCW (Dubba U See Dubba U)". After WM17, the signs were becoming clear that the first 3 fantastic months of  WWF was just the tip of the iceberg, as McMahon was bracing the the fans for the biggest storyline of the year (or so we thought).

As a fan, you must have been really excited at the thought of a possible Stone Cold vs Goldberg feud or NWO vs DX or The Undertaker vs Sting (smh WWE) or Too Cool vs Disco Inferno and Tank Abbot in a dance off right (alright.... maybe not that one haha)? Well perhaps all except the latter, but still Vince had the leverage to make twice as much money and gain a bigger fanbase with much ease.



Here are the top 5 things that fucked up the Invasion angle:

5. Bad Timing

-Now I know this was a HUGE thing in wrestling, so of course they want to nip that in the bud. But there were a couple problems. First off, some key superstars, Benoit and HHH mainly, were both suffering injuries at the time (so much for the DX feud). Also, many big name WCW stars were still getting paid while sitting on their ass thanks to their Time Warner contracts. Perhaps the best move would've been to wait or even buy out the TW contracts to involve some of those big name wrestlers. I mean, after all, that is the point of the Invasion angle. Seeing the best WWF  superstars up against the best WCW superstars was to be the draw. It didn't happen here.

4. Burial of WCW Superstars

-This is where things began to piss us wrestling fans off! The only two big name players from the South that Vince got his paws on was then WCW champion G.I. Br... err... I mean Booker T, and 3x WCW Champ Diamond Dallas Page. You would've thought with these being the only two credible superstars that Vinnie Mac would've put them over as incredible threats right??

Instead this idiot Vince made up a stalker angle for DDP to pursue the Undertaker's wife Sara, in which the role definitely didn't fit him at all. All that building up then at King Of The Ring after he revealed himself, he gets the shit kicked out of him by the Deadman in what was really an one sided confrontation. The best part of this had to be when he lost a singles match to the Undertaker's wife on a episode of Raw. WOW great way to treat your new talent asshole! Of course, Booker T would suffer a downgrade after he lost his WCW Title to the Rock, as he would continue playing tag team partner to Test (RIP). But at least he wasn't buried like DDP was. Sheesh, no wonder why Sting was hesitant to join WWF/E in the first place.

3. Stone Cold Heel Turn

-The superstars of the Alliance were rendered useless and it's apparent due to the fact that Stone Cold was made the leader of the opposing team. I mean it was obvious Steve wasn't getting much reception as a heel to begin with, but making him join the two companies that fired him is downright unbelievable.

The fact Steve Austin led the Alliance made the WCW/ECW superstars look less credible than before! This angle brought so many cringeworthy moments of the Rattlesnake that many fans like to forget including the time where Kurt Angle kidnapped him, placed a bag on his head, made him cry and forced him to give him a title shot. What the fuck?

Let's not forget the most awful and terrifying moment of the Alliance angle where Stephanie McMahon started singing on air!!! So many bad memories.

2. New Owner of ECW

-Speaking of this chick Stephanie.... let's just say ECW was also brought into the mix. Which kinda made sense considering Paul Heyman was a commentator of RAW.

However what we didn't expect was Shane McMahon announcing the new owner of ECW........ his god awful actress of a sister, Stephanie McMahon.

THAT HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST FOH MOMENT OF THE ALLIANCE ANGLE, LET ALONE PRO WRESTLING HISTORY!!! Stephanie McMahon is as extreme as Drake playing a backgammon game. Stephanie is as extreme as a J Cole fan.
I mean Paul Heyman was literally cutting the best promos of the Invasion! He carried that shit yet they couldn't have him OWN the company HE CREATED! What an idiotic choice.

1. Vince's Ego

-Last but not least, the biggest thing that fucked up the Invasion angle is Vince's ego!

I mean we knew from the jump that angle was not to be taken seriously when DDP was buried by Taker or when Stephanie was announced as the owner of ECW. Shit, even with WCW big name talent like Goldberg, Sting & Hogan, we can all bet that Vince would screw them up too in this angle. Hell I mean look after the Invasion how Goldberg was treated. Or look how WWE treated the NWO storyline. And don't let me bring up Wrestlemania 31.....

The point I'm making is that they dodged a bullet by not coming in too early. The main reason for this angle sucking is Vince's pettiness and selfishness. Overshadowing all that talent he had by feuding with his demon seed children. The Alliance was a utter joke not made for the fans to enjoy, but for Vince to get the last laugh!

"He who gets the last laugh, laughs the loudest!"

So there you have it 5 reasons why the Invasion angle failed. Hopefully WWF learned their lesson with the next time the plan an Invasion storyli... wait... (remembers NWO storyline, Remembers Nexus angle)...... You know what WWE.... fuck it. No more invasion storylines. EVER.



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