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Sunday, July 3, 2016

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Ranking The WWE Events of 2016

By @TrueGodImmortal

2016 has been an interesting year for WWE. With new champions, big moments, and a brand split happening, this has been a year for the ages honestly. However, as far as PPVs go, it's been an up and down year. The PPVs (or WWE Network Specials) have been either hit or miss, so today, we rank them from worst to the best. We include WWE only specials such as NXT's Takeover and WWE Roadblock as well. Let's get into it.

9. WWE Fastlane 

-Why is this the worst? Honestly... I think aside from Owens vs Ziggler, everything fell a bit flat, and yes that includes Jericho vs AJ Styles. It was a good match sure, but they had a better match on RAW and at Wrestlemania. I thought the main event was actually pretty lackluster and the rest of the card dragged on. This was a PPV that really seemed to have no purpose, and only prolonged the build to Wrestlemania 32. Speaking of which.....

8. WWE Wrestlemania 32

-I almost put this as the worst event of the year. Truth be told, it should very well be seen as such. This isn't some B level PPV match or special event. This is Wrestlemania dammit. And this shit stunk. The opening ladder match for the IC Title was cool, but there was absolutely nothing of a saving grace in Zack Ryder winning. It ruined the match for me. The other matches were okay, but Jericho winning was the wrong call, The New Day losing was stupid, Sasha not winning also made no sense, and the Hell In A Cell match proved to be pointless because Shane ended up leading RAW anyway despite losing to Taker. And don't even get me started on the main event. Reigns vs Triple H is one of the 10 worst main events in the history of the event. That's right. 32 Manias. That match is in the 10 worst. Hands down. The WWE should be ashamed of themselves for this Mania. I left out discussion of the sadly underwhelming and rushed Brock vs Ambrose match, which could have been a classic if done right. This was just bad all around despite some good wrestling here and there.

7. WWE Royal Rumble

-This was NOT a bad event, it just failed in a couple of areas I'd say. The match of the night? Hands down the last man standing match between Ambrose and Owens for the Intercontinental Title. That match is truly one of the better matches from the beginning of the year and is the main highlight of the show, but I also enjoyed the tag titles match too. The US Title match was alright, the Divas title match was okay, but the Rumble was horrible. No big surprise entrants, no excitement outside of AJ Styles, just boring all around. With the Rumble being the focus of the show and that not getting the job done, it takes the entire show down a notch. Thus the placement of the show here in the bottom half of the list.

6. WWE Payback

-I enjoyed this show. It had promise and potential and was definitely on its way to being a top show until an unfortunate accident put a damper on the night. Enzo would end up getting injured and having a concussion in the opening match and the show never really recovered from there too much, but it still had solid wrestling. I enjoyed Zayn vs Owens, Ambrose vs Jericho, and of course I liked the Styles vs Reigns main event as well, rounding out this middle of the road event that wasn't too bad itself, but could have been much better. That's the usual with WWE.

5. WWE Roadblock 

-A WWE Network event that exceeded my expectations and is truly one of the better events this year. My only gripes are the way the main event ends, and the fact that Bray vs Brock didn't actually happen. It felt like that was a waste of sorts and that Brock vs Bray could have went 13 minutes at least and been a solid match. Regardless, Ambrose vs HHH was solid, the tag title matches were solid, and I enjoyed Sami Zayn vs Stardust also. All in all, there's not too much to complain about here, just a few moments that were a bit bland, but overall a solid event.

4. WWE Extreme Rules 

-This event was pretty good, and it's all rooted in two matches honestly: the Fatal Four IC Title classic and the dope main event.  The opening match was solid, I enjoyed the short action with the New Day and Vaudevillains, and I also thought that Ambrose vs Jericho had a unique match that you either loved or hated. The ending of the Women's Title match was stupid, and I hated the Miz retaining his IC Title for no reason (he's useless with it), but the Miz vs Cesaro vs Zayn vs Owens match was superb and my pick for match of the night, with Styles vs Reigns as a close second. Another great match and a great moment as Seth Rollins returns after the main event concludes. Solid event all around with a few mishaps here and there.

3. NXT Takeover: The End 

-This is a great event with honestly no true fallout from it. That's the only reason why it's not ranked as no. 2 is that this event slightly means nothing and had nothing noteworthy occur, aside from the great wrestling. Nakamura vs Aries is match of the night, as both men put on a clinic, while Joe vs Balor was yet another dope addition to their rivalry and end to it, and the tag team title match was a classic as well. Solid wrestling and a fun show that's definitely one of the best of the year so far.

2. Money In the Bank 

-Of all the WWE PPVs this year, this was the best one. It just felt like a big time feel that lacked with other ones this year. The possibilities of a Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens winning the MITB case, the first Seth Rollins PPV match since he returned from injury, the AJ Styles vs John Cena dream match, the fatal four way tag title match, this PPV had everything we wanted, and honestly the matches we expected to deliver did just that. The three big main events are my favorite matches and the fact that we got to see Styles beat Cena, Rollins beat Reigns, and Dean Ambrose win the WWE Title all in the same night makes this the best main roster PPV for sure. It's not even close.

1. NXT Takeover: Dallas 

-There's nothing that compares. Period. This is the best event of the year and maybe in the last few years. How could you not love this event? Bobby Roode is shown on the screen, the NXT future implications are made here, and the match were damn near all classics. The tag title match was absolutely amazing and kicked off the event just right. Aries vs Corbin wasn't the best match of the night by any stretch, but it was a fun watch for sure. Finn vs Samoa Joe was a dope match as well, and of course the Bayley vs Asuka match was a certified women's classic match. The best match of the night is my pick so far for match of the year with the epic Nakamura vs Zayn. This match was everything a wrestling fan could want, as Nakamura and Zayn just went back and forth through this battle until Nakamura eventually wins with his finisher. This event is one of my favorites in a long time and it is without a doubt, the no. 1 on the list for this year. No debating this one either.

What do you think about the list ranking (besides the obvious no. 1)? Post your comments below if you have an opinion on it. We appreciate them all.



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