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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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WIRTB: Daniel Bryan's Run in 2012

By @SpeedOnTheBeat 

Daniel Bryan.

The Beard.

The Yes! Man.

The guy you probably never thought you'd see in a WIRTB.

While the prospective Smackdown GM has been amazing in-ring and has the career to warrant an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, he's had his share of WTF moments. For instance, 2012. He had great matches with CM P--that guy WWE hates for us to mention. Oh, screw it. Bryan and Punk had epic matches, such as their Over the Limit match. Man, I know it's not their best match, but it's my favorite match up between the two. However, during his ascent to legendary status, there was a period in 2012 where he fit perfectly into WIRTB Status.

After his split from A.J. Lee and her election as RAW GM, she proceeded to put Daniel Bryan through hell. And why not? The guy kind of was a major reason for A.J. potentially having extended DID episodes and air humping Kane with a Kane mask on. And she was sexy as hell ad she did it. God, I miss that small woman in booty shorts. But yes, it was that bad. It turned WWE into a bad episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Wrasslin' Edition. Too bad Joseline Hernandez didn't jump out in an I-can-see-your-areola dress being all Joseline-like. That would've been better than A.J. going back and forth with Punk, DB, and Kane.

That is especially since it ended up just putting Bryan and Kane together in anger management classes with Dr. Shelby and something about Muppets. Don't get me wrong. I loved Team Hell No. But the road to getting to DB and Kane perfecting their routine was...frustratingly awkward. From DB's interactions with Charlie Sheen to the whole "Goat" thing, it was just painfully executed. Had...

You know what? Let's flip the script. I really can't say much bad about Bryan's career. I covered a lot of my likes about Bryan in my WIRTB Tribute after his retirement. And, Muppets and all, Daniel Bryan made it all entertaining. The only qualm I have about Bryan is that he was so head-full-of-steam about the way he performed. Had he slowed it down, he could've had some more time left in the ring. However, had he slowed it down, he wouldn't have been Daniel Bryan. That's what made him beloved: he was the little bearded man from Washington State that gave 150% every match. Oh, and he beat Cena clean. At SummerSlam. Then, he turned around and beat Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista at WrestleMania 30.

If Shane picks Bryan to be the Smackdown GM, we, as fans, would be treated to interactions between the two. Considering both of their timing, these segments could be backstage highlights of the show. Hell, and this is JUST WISHFUL THINKING, maybe we could see DB get his one more match this way. I don't know how it'd happen, if it were to...but it'd be great.

Just like Daniel Bryan.



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