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Thursday, August 11, 2016

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EOTR Fantasy Booking: Dean Ambrose vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

By @SteveSignore

Dean Ambrose has drawn the comparisons to that of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the past, due to his anti-authority persona and take no prisoners style. When Ambrose recently won the title, it mirrored the narrative of Austin's first title run, which was "how can someone as off the wall represent the company"? So, when Ambrose was scheduled for the Stone Cold Podcast, I figured it would be two guys who were going to click. "Ah hell, just two sons of bitches shootin' the breeze in a hellacious interview," says my brain's Stone Cold voice. I didn't watch it live, but saw the feedback on Twitter. It seemed to be that of mixed reviews. I went into the podcast expecting an average podcast, but what I witnessed was car wreck television. I didn't see two guys shooting the breeze, talking about the business they loved, comparing each other's gimmicks. Oh no, I saw Steve Austin, seemingly restraining the anger with every word that spilled out of Ambrose's mouth.

What could be the cause of the lack of chemistry? Could it have been as simple as how Ambrose was speaking? Did Austin think he was staying in character? In my head, I wondered if Austin was thinking, "is this a damn shoot?" Austin barely cracked a smile during the uncomfortable, hour-long exchange. The point where the train completely went off the tracks was during the Brock Lesnar discussion. The fact that Ambrose was shooting on Lesnar's lack of preparation for their Wrestlemania match didn't seem to sit well with Austin. Let's not forget, Austin and Lesnar were laughing it up during their interview on the Network. Ambrose most likely crossed a line on multiple levels. First, Lesnar and Austin are friends. Second, Austin most likely believed Ambrose broke the unwritten rule of shooting on a fellow member of the roster, especially a veteran who has paid his dues.

This interview hopefully sparked an idea in Vince McMahon's head. Ambrose versus Austin at Wrestlemania in Orlando! While Austin has made his cameos at Wrestlemania on ocassions since he retired, he's never had that one full-blown return match. Yes, Austin has mentioned that it would take an unreasonable boatload of money to get that one last match out of him, but he's also made it known that the match would have to make sense. Well, here you go! This is a great starting point. If you can't build off of that podcast, then you shouldn't be writing for the WWE. Now granted, I'm a mark who wants to see a dream match such as Ambrose/Austin, but you have plenty of material here!

"Stone Cold can't have another match, he'll never walk again!" is probably the outcry from fellow marks! But let's not dismiss the idea of a Texas Death Match, a brawl. No wrestling moves, just a shot-for-shot all out brawl. Maybe some toys get entered into the mix. Remember when Austin cut a promo on Paul Heyman, saying Brock and Austin should have such a match? Austin could perform without risking his longterm health. And wouldn't you want to see the build for this match? They can't cut promos from here till Wrestlemania just off of the podcast alone. We can hear just what Austin was thinking when Ambrose was speaking. Ambrose could show Austin that he has plenty of passion for the business, and he's nowhere near complacent (which Austin suggested).

It's ready made for you Vince! Lets make it happen!



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