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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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How RAW Screwed Over Cesaro and Sheamus

By @TrueGodImmortal

So, if you're watching RAW last night, you probably noticed something rather different going on. At Clash of Champions, a painstakingly long best of 7 series between Cesaro and Sheamus was supposed to come to an end and the winner was due to get a title shot of some sort. One would expect the winner to get a shot at the WWE Universal Title, and hopefully at a PPV. The problem with this line of thinking is that it makes too sense. It's logical. It's the proper way to handle this storyline so why would WWE do that, right?

One, Mick Foley is an idiot. In terms of the storyline. Simply put. As General Manager of RAW, he's been beyond out of his mind with his decisions, and the booking they've given him is absolutely terrible. Now, Cesaro and Sheamus came at him to say they wanted to seize opportunity on RAW and actually get title shots and show that they were great singles performers. While I'm not the biggest fan of Sheamus, there is no denial that he's a solid in ring worker. We've seen Sheamus go out there and put on really good matches throughout his career, and though I find him to be boring usually, his matches on big stages usually never disappoint much, and it was honestly a good thing to see WWE have Sheamus want to step up. The same could be said for Cesaro.

Cesaro is underrated. As a performer in the ring, Cesaro is one of the best today overall and he deserves a big shot at the WWE Universal Title. He's not really given fair shots and when he had the opportunity to win the US Title and shake things up against Rusev, he was forced to lose due to interference by Sheamus. Instead of trading him to Smackdown, where we could be watching a Ziggler vs Cesaro Intercontinental Title feud, or even AJ Styles vs Cesaro for the title, instead he remained on RAW and then got put into what is now known to me as the biggest mistake in recent WWE booking. Cesaro deserves much better than this and I think it's a waste of his talent for WWE to put him into this storyline. It's as if the WWE is punishing both men for going out there and have a solid 7 match series instead of rewarding them.

Cesaro and Sheamus were put into a makeshift tag team and given a tag team title shot at some point down the line, presumably at Hell In A Cell on PPV. After 7 matches, some of which were really good, all of which were singles matches at that, the big resolution to them fighting so hard that they couldn't continue in the final match is to make them a tag team? Where does this make any sense at all? It doesn't. When Clash of Champions ended, I sat there and wondered how WWE could fuck up this Cesaro and Sheamus thing even more, but there were a few options that seemed even more likely than what we received. There was the idea that both men fought so hard that both men would get a shot at a title of their choosing or that both would get a title shot. One would assume that on RAW the next week, perhaps Cesaro would take on Kevin Owens in the main event for the WWE Universal Title. Then, Sheamus could get a shot at the United States Champion Roman Reigns in a match that same week or the week after. Both men earning a shot at a title and both men getting one. It made sense more than what we got.

The other option that seemed possible was to have a one off match the next night on RAW to determine a winner and make it no DQ or countout so there had to be a winner. The winner would get a Universal Title match. The loser would have still proven to be something special and deserving and they would get an opportunity to fight another challenger the following week for a no. 1 contender spot at the Universal Title. So, the winner gets an immediate shot and the loser of the best of 7 still showed that they could go and earned another chance to get a title shot if they could get beyond another challenger. This way, neither man really loses and while the winner gets a shot first, the loser still gets to be in the picture also. This might have been the smartest way to go, but the WWE refuses to do such things.

Now, Foley gave an impassioned speech to both men about the passion and fire they showed in the matches they had, explaining that if they combined that passion they would be unstoppable and to just try it out. Here's the issue with that. If they showed so much passion and fire, wouldn't that passion and fire be more useful chasing a singles title that they want versus chasing a tag team title that neither man really seemed to want? Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were tag team champions at one point and that was fine. It worked well. Cesaro is beyond shit like this. Sheamus is beyond shit like this. The WWE had two singles stars in Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, and put them together in an entertaining tag team, which is still shining. The issue with this comparison is that people actually thought Jericho and Owens together would be gold and it is. No one has ever said "you know who would be a great tag team I want to see? Cesaro and Sheamus". No one has ever said "let's make Cesaro and Sheamus tag team champions, that would be great TV". No one asked for this. The majority of fans didn't even want the Best of 7 Series to begin with, and wanted Cesaro and Sheamus to be over with anyways, so why is this a good idea? Why would WWE do this? It's simple: WWE is really full of idiots in the booking department.

If Cesaro and Sheamus beat the New Day and become tag team champions, then what? This wastes both of their talents, just to have a makeshift tag team go over for a few months of a title reign. This is what bothers me. Let's say this experiment fails like it probably will and nothing comes of it. Both Cesaro and Sheamus would be back to square one and have to sit on the back burner. Essentially, this entire Best of 7 Series was a waste of time and this fallout from it is an even bigger waste of time. RAW, WWE, Mick Foley and whoever booked this garbage failed both Cesaro and Sheamus. Trade Cesaro to Smackdown after letting him and Sheamus lose to the New Day. Please do so. It's necessary for his advancement in the company. Give Sheamus some TV time in the upper mid card again and let him shine on RAW. Or trade him to Smackdown too. They deserve better than RAW is willing to give them. This recent storyline is evidence.



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