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Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Mastering The Art of the Promo: 5 of the Best

By @Phranchize19

We all know in wrestling (just like life), no matter how talented you are, you have to have other qualities to make it. In wrestling you need a certain look and charisma. In many ways, this is more important that how good you wrestle. Well these guys have mastered the art of talking and having audiences hanging on every word.

*Ric Flair

-This man might be the best promo worker in wrestling history. The best part about Flair is that even though he talked the same stuff about being richer than his opponent or being the best regardless at whatever costs, it never got stale. People (particularly women) are hung up in every word. The Rock will tell you this is who he studied to be who he is on the mic and speaking of Rock...

*The Rock

-The greatest talker in the greatest era of wrestling. Rock was witty brilliant and entertaining on the mic. His opponents all were roody poo candy asses and they all stuck something sideways up their rectum. Even tho they usually ended the same Rock made fun of almost everyone’s compelling differences that came in his path.

 *Rowdy Roddy Piper

-Piper was entertaining in his own way. He could talk a great game despite being loud. Piper was the originator of segments. The Highlight Reel, The Peep Show, and The Funeral Parlor all wouldn't have existed without Piper laying down the foundation. Piper usually insulted his guests but that didn't stop it from being hilarious.

*Chris Jericho

-Jericho came onto the WWE scene and arguably outperformed the greatest talker of the era at that time (see number 2 on this list). Ever since then, Vince just gave Jericho the chance and he kicked it open. Jericho made a living insulting Stephanie McMahon and we all ate it up. As Jericho’s character evolved so did his promo work. The way he insulted Shawn Michaels and the fans still is some of the best promo work of that era. Even today Jericho still is one of the best mic workers in WWE with the gift of Jericho….drink it in man….

*CM Punk

-The best part of this guy's promo work was that he was himself. He never faked the funk and he always spoke his mind and a lot of what was on his mind is what the average fan was thinking. The Voice of the Voiceless was just like us as fans. Despite being one of the top guys, he was a wrestling fan first. Punk was so good you couldn't tell if what he was saying was scripted or was it serious (as we saw in 2011 with Triple H especially). Punk made promos fun to watch in an era where we thought the promo was dying.

-C. Yates


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