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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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The New No. 1 Face: Seth Rollins

By @TrueGodImmortal

Raw has suffered since the brand split. Injuries have really done a number on the roster, especially when considering the newest star for the company was supposed to be Finn Balor, who won the Universal Title at Summerslam only to relinquish it the next night. Finn was supposed to be positioned as the no. 1 face for the company as champion and although he is in the record books as the champion, the truth is since May of this year, there was only one choice for the top face in the company. That man is Seth Rollins.

No one wanted to boo Seth when he came back and rightfully so. He was coming back from a long injury, without him the product was lackluster, and he had a 24-7 special that made us all happy for his long awaited return. Through the last few months, we've all wanted to cheer for Seth, but WWE seemingly couldn't help themselves and kept him heel. It was the moment that Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Title that you knew where this was going and it was about time. Triple H turned on Seth and the world instantly knew where the power was heading. Seth vs Triple H will happen at some point, likely at Wrestlemania and this feud will certainly have a lot of steam behind it. What better way to have Seth get crowned as the top face in the WWE than by defeating the last remaining legend in WWE at Wrestlemania? Well, to be real, Seth winning the Rumble and winning the title at Mania could be much bigger, but that's a story for another time.

Seth now moves into a position that WWE groomed for Roman Reigns, but he failed, and then they groomed Finn Balor for very quickly but he got injured. Can Seth handle the weight of this position? I think so. Seth is easily likable as a performer and can fit firmly into the role of the main guy in the company overall. Seth is personable in interviews and has an appeal for the majority of the world over. His merchandise sales are growing, his fan support has always been there for the hardcore fans and with this face turn, there's a lot that can be done here.

For instance, Seth and Owens can possibly end their feud at Hell In A Cell, but there's some great opponents who can feud with Seth afterwards. Rusev and Seth could be interesting as a feud. So could Seth vs Jericho. There's also the chance to turn Reigns heel and make Seth vs Roman, which could also work well. Then, as guys like Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode possibly come to RAW, you can build from there as well against Seth. Truthfully, Seth as a face champion can be something that really draws in more people as he can make more big time heels feuding with them. However, the purpose of this whole discussion is to confirm what is now official: Seth Rollins is now the no. 1 face in WWE. He's on the no. 1 show, RAW. He's in the main event regularly. He's now the most over singles star on RAW as well.

To further confirm this, the crowd tonight gave Seth a standing ovation after his loss to Kevin Owens. This was documented by WWE shortly thereafter. This could be the turning point for WWE as they haven't a solid top face since Daniel Bryan was out of action. Now, they have a chance with Seth. Let's hope they don't screw it up. We know WWE has a tendency to do that.



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