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Monday, October 24, 2016

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EOTR Discussion: Vince McMahon's Greatest Decisions

By @Phranchize19 

Vince McMahon is a genius. Despite all the failures, geniuses find a way to succeed and thrive in turmoil. Vince McMahon has made his mark as the greatest promoter in the history of wrestling. He's created so many things and while majority of his ideas were generated for other guys who were at another company, he still has some originality. Here are some of his best decisions and creations.


-This is by far the greatest creation in wrestling history. WrestleMania is a huge event that has grown over its 3 decade long existence. What once was a pay per view seen in theaters has grown into a weekend event to now a week long event. People travel all over the world to witness the spectacle known as WrestleMania. Tickets are sold out even before the card is announced. Now, with the emergence of NXT, we get the traditional wrestling we hardcore fans crave as well as something for the causal viewer. There's something for everyone at WrestleMania.

*Pushing The Rock

-A kid that walked on to the Miami Hurricanes championship team has become the biggest movie star on the planet. I know you're wondering how is this Vince McMahon’s doing? Well Vince McMahon took a guy who was the son and grandson of some legendary figures and gave him a shot at the big time. Although his original gimmick didn't work, he got a second chance to be himself and by doing that he became the most entertaining wrestler since Ric Flair. Vince literally was able to help push The Rock from the ground up unlike guys like Steve Austin and HHH who had wrestled in other organizations. Vince was able to cash in on the charisma of a talent he found and allowed to grow.

*Pushing Brock Lesnar

-The Beast is one of the biggest box office attractions in the world of sports entertainment. When Brock is on the card, people are gonna show up. Vince McMahon had Brock Lesnar and turned him into a killer by pushing him to be one of the faces of WWE. Brock then went away, destroyed IWGP, tried NFL (another story for another day), and went to UFC and dominated. After diverticulitis ended his UFC career, Brock made his way back to the place that made him a star in WWE. Brock being the attraction he is doesn't happen if Vince McMahon doesn't mold the kid from Minnesota into a legit beast before he left the company. And some could also say after he returned.

*Pushing John Cena

-Formerly The Face that Runs the Place. John Cena is literally everywhere now. TV shows, movies, magazines, cereal boxes (The Rock had a little help in that. He should have royalties), Cena is a global attraction. Although Brock was originally penciled in as the man, his departure left WWE with a void in that spot. Vince saw fit to give that spot to Cena, who helped WWE achieve success. From main eventing WrestleManias to promoting WWE on his other ventures, Cena gives his heart and soul to the WWE and I'm sure Vince is grateful that his hand chosen guy chooses to stay. Cena is the longest tenured guy in that spot and probably the most passionate guy WWE has had in that spot. Not bad from a kid from Massachusetts.

*The Attitude Era/Mr. McMahon 

-The biggest era in wrestling history. Fans still clamor to see things from this era. When I talk to people they say the last time they watched wrestling was when The Rock and Stone Cold were on it. Everyone who is anyone watched WWE during that time period. Although it was created out of necessity,  it literally saved WWE when it was on the brink of destruction. Characters like Stone Cold, The Rock, DX, Undertaker, Goldust, Sable etc all played a critical role in this era. I have to thank Vince for giving the okay to let this era prosper and being the biggest heel in the era himself with the Mr. McMahon character.

-C. Yates


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