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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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EOTR Retro: The Invasion- 5 Wrestlers Who Benefited

By @Phranchize19

We all know the invasion angle in theory was a good idea, but ended up being somewhat of a cluster. Even through all the hoopla, there were highlights behind this angle. These wrestlers became made men after this angle.

*Chris Jericho

-Jericho was always on the cusp of main event stardom, but WWE just didn't push him that way upon his arrival. He was an upper mid carder at best. Jericho had produced some of the better moments of the Attitude Era, but he just couldn't break through. That all changed during the invasion angle when a company with an injured HHH, heel Austin and a movie filming Rock needed someone to step up and Jericho did just that. He finally would grab one of his six world championships during this angle, which would eventually turn him into the first undisputed WWE champion.


-Edge was mostly used in the tag team division. He and Christian would provide us with some of the most entertaining moments in the Attitude Era. Vince McMahon needed someone to take the reigns of the midcard singles star with Jericho moving onto main event status. Things all changed once the invasion angle came to fruition. Edge would go on to become a King of the Ring winner, a 2x Intercontinental champion and had a United States championship reign on the books during this time.

*Kurt Angle

-Kurt Angle had already won a WWE title before the invasion angle took off, however I feel that this is where people took him seriously as a main event talent. Kurt would be the guy who led WWE until The Rock returned and had great matches with the WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin including their GREAT matches at Summerslam and Unforgiven 2001. Kurt had one of the most memorable moments in Raw history with Milk O' Mania running wild along with many other segments showing he was more than just a wrestler. He could entertain too.

*Booker T

-Booker was a big time star towards the end of WCW. Once WWE bought the company, many knew Booker would be headed to the big time, although not many knew how he'd fair. Booker may not have been the man to lead the Alliance, but he was very prominent and got to main event Summerslam against The Rock, in what I think is Booker’s best WWE match. Booker would go on to win various titles, but would also feud with WWE's biggest stars such as Undertaker and Kurt Angle. He would then feud with Austin and that says a lot of Booker that WWE would trust him to feud with their top guys.

*Rob Van Dam

-Mr. Monday Night has always been revered by hardcore wrestling fans for his amazing talent, but it wasn't until the invasion angle where his career took off. Rob Van Dam was easily the most popular Alliance member and was putting on great matches. Rob’s star took off after the invasion angle, which mostly saw him as only a hardcore wrestler. He would go on to be in the midcard and upper midcard and become one of the greatest Intercontinental champions of the Ruthless Aggression era. Rob would then go on to win the big one and become WWE champion. None of this would not have happened if RVD had not gotten over during the Invasion angle.

-C. Yates


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