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Thursday, October 6, 2016

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EOTR Top 5: In Your House PPVs

By @TrueGodImmortal

WWE made a point of making In Your House PPVs a regular occurrence before the event soon turned into regular PPVs in 1998. However, from 1995-1997, we had multiple In Your House PPVs, some good, some bad, but regardless, those PPVs are etched in history and today we rank the top 5. Let's get into it.

5. In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies (1996)

-This is an underrated event for sure. We witnessed Shawn Michaels vs Diesel in what would be Diesel's last WWF PPV match and Ultimate Warrior taking on Goldust as well. Vader vs Razor Ramon was solid, but what does piss me off about this one is that this show had amazing dark matches that weren't televised. The only downfall of these In Your House PPVs was the great dark matches we missed. This event is one of those, but still a very good event in the history.

4. In Your House: Revenge of The Taker (1997)

-This was a special event and had some really good matches starting with the Tag Team Title match between The Legion of Doom vs Owen Hart and British Bulldog. Then Rocky Maivia and Savio Vega had a nice Intercontinental title match, and the WWF Title Match was actually pretty good with Undertaker defending against Mankind. However, no feud was hotter than Bret vs Austin and this was no different here. They headlined the show as Austin and Bret fought to the wire for a chance at a title shot. That would be the match of the night, but unfortunately, Bret still wouldn't put Austin over officially, a problem no one seems to mention.

3. In Your Mind: Mind Games (1996)

-This is one of my favorites. It has one of the greatest matches in In Your House history with Shawn Michaels vs Mankind in the main event. Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs The Smoking Gunns was a good one, as was The Undertaker vs Goldust.  This event was solid overall and when compared to the other PPVs, this is certainly top 5. Check this out if you haven't.

2. In Your House: Badd Blood (1997)

-As the In Your House series began winding down, this was one of the final installments of the full series, and it's one of the best mainly because of the epic main event. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker went at it in an epic Hell In A Cell match, which also saw the debut of Kane. Other matches included The Nation of Domination vs The Legion of Doom, The British Bulldog and Bret Hart vs Vader and The Patriot, and a solid tag match with The Godwinns vs The Headbangers. This was definitely one of the more solid In Your House events.

1. In Your House : Canadian Stampede (1997)

-This is the greatest. Magnificent card all around from top to bottom. I loved every match on the card here, and thought that there was no weak spot on the entire card. The opening match of Mankind vs Triple H was solid, as was the contest between The Great Sasuke vs Taka Michinoku.  After this, Undertaker and Vader had a tolerable WWF Title match, but the 10 man main event match really took things up a notch with the Canada vs US element. All in all, this is certainly the best In Your House PPV and a pleasure to watch even now.



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