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Saturday, November 19, 2016

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EOTR Retrospective: Best Championship Matches at Survivor Series

By @Phranchize19 

Survivor Series has long been about the team vs team elimination concept. I think we often overlook some gems this PPV has produced as far as world championship matches. Here is some of the best in the event’s history.

*Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Survivor Series 1992

-This match was history making and ground breaking. WWE was always considered the land of the giants. Larger than life wrestlers such as Hogan, Warrior etc were at the forefront punching and kicking opponents while the smaller guys who provided scientific matches. As Hogan began contemplating retirement, Vince needed someone to be his flag bearer. Vince went with the smaller Bret Hart, who had gained the fans support over the years. Bret was something new and faced any and everyone for the title. Shawn Michaels was also climbing the ladder and was arguably the second biggest heel in the company. This match delivers on so many levels and is arguably their best encounter.

*Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam vs Kane
Survivor Series 2002
Elimination Chamber Match

-The very first Elimination Chamber match and quite possibly the best. This match was also history making not only because it was the first match of its kind, but because Shawn Michaels made his return to the ring on a championship match.

*Batista vs Undertaker 
Survivor Series 2007 
Hell In A Cell For The World Heavyweight Championship 

-This was THE feud in 2007. This was one of the best rivalries of all time to me. The only way to end it was the Cell. After 2 indecisive matches and a win for each man, the only way to finally put an end to it was to put them in Satan's playground. This was one of the better Cell matches in history and while the finish wasn't the best, these two put on a masterful performance.

 *Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan 
Survivor Series 1991
WWF Championship Match 

-This was a changing on the guard. WWE was trying to transition from the Hulk Hogan era (by adding Ric Flair and creating new young stars) and Undertaker helped with that transition. After a year of being in WWF, Undertaker was getting a title shot against the industry’s biggest star on a major PPV. Although many expected Hogan to bury the Undertaker, something magical happened…. The Undertaker won the WWE title! While this was not a technical masterpiece and was more of a building block to try to build the Hogan vs Flair Mania match that never was, it still represented Vince believing in The Undertaker and not being afraid to think outside the box.... for a moment.

*Diesel vs Bret Hart 
Survivor Series 1995
WWF Championship Match 

-This was Diesel’s best performance in WWE. Bret Hart played the role of underdog in peril perfectly. Even though Diesel was a tweener at the time and Hart was the full fledge babyface, Diesel’s heel came out in this match perfectly, and this was a methodical hard hitting fight and Bret proved he could wrestle in any style of match you want.

*Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels 
Survivor Series 2007
WWE Championship Match 

-This match was intriguing because Orton looked simply unbeatable at the time. Shawn’s superkick being banned not only added more heat to Orton’s character, but made for an intriguing match because it forced HBK to think outside of the box. Many times during they match it looked as if HBK would win the title for the first time without the use of his superkick, but Orton being as quick as he is, hit the #RKOOuttaNowhere and won the match. It's a shame because no one sells the superkick better than Orton, but this was another great Survivor Series Championship Match.

-C. Yates


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