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Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Retrospective: The Worst Survivor Series Events

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Survivor Series is almost upon us. While this one coming up seems middle of the road, we've been heavily disappointed for the most part by the shows in years prior. Today, we look back at the worst Survivor Series events. Let's get into it.

Honorable Mention 

*Survivor Series 1994

-The 90s were not really kind to the WWF at Survivor Series. This is a prime example. Bland matches, bland card, and terrible stipulations along with the arrival of Chuck Norris into the WWF... yeah.... so that happened. A pretty strange match with Bret Hart and Bob Backlund occurred, terrible Survivor Series Elimination matches, and there's nothing noteworthy to speak of. At all. Very very disappointing.

*Survivor Series 1997

-Yes... this features Bret vs Shawn, but that match before the controversy pretty much sucked and the rest of this PPV sucked too. The Survivor Series matches were pretty lackluster and there was honestly very little about this PPV that was truly interesting. Mankind vs Kane was also pretty lackluster and the Austin vs Owen match was extremely short and a waste.

*Survivor Series 2012

-This PPV was honestly a mess. The debut of the Shield is the only thing that saved this PPV. The main event was CM Punk vs Ryback vs John Cena. That was the main event of the night. The only match I enjoyed was Team Ziggler vs Team Foley and the rest of the card just faltered as expected. The other traditional tag match suffered from spotty action and was just plain boring. This PPV was really a one match show with one of the greatest debuts in the 2000s for WWE.

Top 5

5. Survivor Series 1999

-Some might be surprised by this on the list, but 1999 is a shitty year in wrestling history. There is no match longer than 16 minutes on this event and the only ones that were close to it absolutely suck. Jericho vs Chyna was okay, but suffered from a lack of in ring chemistry. The main event just didn't do it for me either, as Big Show winning ruined the whole buildup and made it crazy. Keep in mind, the greatest triple threat was set to take place: Rock vs HHH vs Austin. This PPV would have worked out better if that main event would have really happened.

4. Survivor Series 2006

-This PPV is fun.... for everything that is NOT the matches. The Survivor Series Elimination matches were mostly one sided and subsequently terrible, and there was no real excitement around the main events. Team Cena vs Team Big Show? I think I'll pass on this. Team DX vs Team Rated RKO? Could have been a competitive match, but instead Team DX won in a clean sweep in a relatively uneventful match. How about the undercard? Mickie James vs Lita was..... it was..... just was. The match was lifeless, and I could say the same for the 8 minute first blood match between Mr. Kennedy and Undertaker. It was 8 minutes. That's it. The main event was Booker T vs Batista... and the match was only 14 minutes long. In fact, there was no match over 14 minutes period. That explains more than enough. This PPV had potential, but it missed the mark so badly.

3. Survivor Series 2010

-If there was ever a PPV that lived up to the bad expectations and exceeded it, this was one. Match wise, it's not necessarily HORRIBLE, but it's just a very boring card. You know how it goes: if the card isn't something that people want to see, no matter how good it turns out, it will still be something that we don't remember well. Case in point, the Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase match was good, but so forgettable and the same could be said for the Sheamus vs John Morrison match. These aren't PPV worthy matches, these are second hour RAW matches at BEST, and they disappointed in general. The 5 on 5 Match is actually quite bad, and the action just doesn't do it. Kane vs Edge was another disappointing match, but nothing is sadder than a main event of a big 4 PPV with Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. The WWE struggled in 2010 and this was evidence of it.

2. Survivor Series 1993

-I think there are some years in WWE history that should be forgotten: 1993 is one of them. It was horrible all around, and not one PPV on the year was good. 1993 was so bad, and although the WWF could have decided to utilize different feuds and a couple of one on one matches, they literally had nothing but Elimination matches, a few of which were absolutely dreadful. The Hart Family vs Shawn Michaels and his Knights, The Four Doinks, and the laughable main event premise of the All American team (apparently Undertaker is a patriot) against the Foreign team was really just a waste of time. I'd much rather have seen some of these feuds split up, but what we got was long winded matches that just weren't good at all.

1. Survivor Series 2013

-This card was absolutely terrible. When I see this card, I cringe a bit. The main event was Big Show vs Randy Orton for the title. Yes, I'll say it again: Big Show vs Randy Orton for the title. In 2013. That's the main event. Mark Henry took on Ryback, Big E took on Curtis Axel, and of course who could forget chapter 56 in the rivalry of John Cena and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Divas match was horrible, and of course the WWE would ruin the momentum of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan by having them go against The Wyatt Family.... but not against Bray and Harper, but Harper and Rowan. Also disappointing. The only decent match was the 5 on 5, but even that was annoying due to the overly pushing Roman Reigns moment, as he was the only one who looked strong in the match. All around, there was nothing positive about this event and this remains one of the worst WWE PPVs I've ever witnessed.



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