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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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EOTR Royal Rumble Talk: Best World Championship Matches

By @TrueGodImmortal

This list is not intended to put these matches in order, but rather separate the best matches from the worst. Over the years, the championship matches at the Rumble have stole the show over the actual Rumble and with John Cena vs AJ Styles coming up for the title, we figured what better time to talk about some of the best championship matches in Royal Rumble history. Let's get into it.

*Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit 
WWE Championship 
Royal Rumble 2003

-This is probably one of the absolute best of them all, as Angle and Benoit took it to each other for 20 minutes in a true classic that saw Benoit really entice the crowd and get over immensely, even in a losing effort to Angle. A great contest to watch.

*Triple H vs Shawn Michaels 
World Heavyweight Championship 
Royal Rumble 2004

-This match is a bit underrated and I really think it fits the HBK vs HHH rivalry as one of the ending chapters. The Last Man Standing stipulation worked perfectly and the way it ended really added some drama to it and showed that both men were capable of keeping up with each other.

*The Rock vs Mankind
WWF Championship 
Royal Rumble 1999

-This classic "I Quit" match flows so well and is full of crazy moments and hilarious moments in between all the brutal action. The chair shots to Foley are iconic now at this point, and the fact that he never really gave up added even more to his underdog role overall. Rock did a great job as the heel in this, on the mic and in the ring.

*Triple H vs Cactus Jack 
WWF Championship
Royal Rumble 2000

-The brutal street fight that saw Triple H look like a million bucks also helped elevate the legacy of Foley in a way. Both men gave their all, Triple H looked tougher, Foley looked like the demented man he was, and at the end, Triple H stole triumphant at the end and retained the title.

*Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon 
WWF Championship 
Royal Rumble 1993

-Bret was the new champion and Razor was in his first big main event as a singles star, but this match is one of the most underrated matches in both men's careers. This match was 18 minutes of greatness with Bret retaining but Razor showing he can hang in the big time matches.

John Cena vs Umaga 
WWE Championship 
Royal Rumble 2007

-Another Last Man Standing match on the list, but this one was a brutal contest. Umaga was on a roll, but he ran into the wall named Cena and would lose the match here in a valiant effort. Cena was on his Superman Cena mode here, but Umaga did have  decent showing. Still, this is a good match to watch back.

*Edge vs Dolph Ziggler 
World Heavyweight Championship 
Royal Rumble 2011 

-Edge and Ziggler had a great match here that saw Edge walk out victorious. It was great to see Ziggler get that chance at the time and he delivered on the big stage, showing he had potential to become a major player. We're still waiting for that to happen however.

*Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins
WWE World Heavyweight Championship 
Royal Rumble 2015

-The final match on this list is the most recent and my favorite on the list. Brock, Cena, and Seth really put on with a classic and one of the greatest triple threat matches ever, if not THE best. Seth was the MVP here and this is where we knew he could hang with the big time guys. Seth really kept this match afloat, and although Brock retained, Seth stole the show. He's THE MAN.



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