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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: The Decay

By @MeenHendrix 

You've heard the saying "Opposites attract" a million times before right? I think these guys would disagree. The stable of Decay led by (Current) TNA Knockouts Chamion Rosemary, are something straight out of the mind of Rob Zombie but 10x more disgusting. Abyss and Crazzy Steve are a match made in Monty Python's Black Comedy Hell. However, these guys are no joke. They are psychopaths and that makes for great wrestling!

Before coming together as Decay, Crazzy Steve and Abyss couldn't be from more complete opposite sides of the TNA Spectrum. Crazzy Steve debuted in the company in 2014 with the stable "The Menagerie", a group of circus freaks who didn't really fit in with the TNA crowd because to be fair the gimmick was pretty shitty. The Mike Knoxx (Known as Knux in TNA) led stable lasted 13 months exactly and did absolutely nothing. Well to be fair, Crazzy Steve is credited with winning the TNA World Cup of Wrestling in 2015 under Jeff Hardy's leadership but other than that, nothing. No one cared when the group disbanded. The on air commentators said they had gone back to the Carnival business. Without The Menagerie, Crazzy Steve had zero direction.

On the opposite side, we have The Monster Abyss, who has been sort of a slave for TNA. He has put his body through hell for this company. From Barbed Wire Massacres to Broken Glass and thousands of Thumbtacks being stuck to his body to split personality disorder gimmicks, he has gone out and done every single thing he's been asked and I think ultimately that will be his downfall when the company finally folds, but that's a different story for another day. Abyss has done it all in TNA. World Champion? Check. X Division Champion? Check. Television Champion? Check. Tag Team Champion? Check. Second ever Grand Slam Champion. He is a legend within the company. Like Crazzy Steve after the Mengaerie folded, Abyss too was left without direction after leaving the James Storm-led group The Revolution.

There were no speeches or promos that brought these two together. They made a statement by destroying The Wolves, first in a backstage promo then a week later in a match that introduced us to Rosemary and ended with the trio stealing the Tag Team Title belts from The Wolves. Their first victory would come in Abyss' signature match, The Monster's Ball, against Beer Money. They then challenged the Wolves to a Monster's Ball match for the titles but were unable to win the titles. There was also this weird feud with Jimmy Havoc, who was supposedly trying to save Rosemary, but he was obliterated by Abyss. Eventually they would go on to win the TNA Tag Team Championship from Beer Money and engage in another weird relationship angle between Rosemary and Bram which ended in Abyss and Crazzy Steve destroying him.
Notice a common theme here? These guys love to break things.

The best thing they have done as of date is their feud with the Hardys. If you haven't watched Delete or Decay or Tag Team Apocalypto, you're missing out on four psychopaths putting on a fantastic show. These guys are scary good. They aren't mat wizards. They are flat out street fighters. Crazzy Steve literally will bite, scratch and try to eye gouge an opponent all the while delighting in the torment and pain he is causing them. Abyss dropping his signature mask in favor of Zombie face paint has also been a fantastic touch. The character development has also been very noteworthy. Although the team doesn't say much, the short and sweet promos from all three have been great to watch because they make you pay attention to them and question if these guys are just playing a character or if they are real life psychopaths. TNA has done a lot of things wrong but Decay is one of those things they have just nailed and booked them perfectly. There's literally nothing I can complain about because these guys have looked great all year even in defeat and weird love story feuds with Bram and Jimmy Havoc. "The Great War" and Wolf Creek Cage Matches with the Hardys are good if you wanna see these guys in action.



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