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Saturday, February 18, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude- Summerslam 1990

By @Phranchize19 

Summerslam usually offers a great match in its main event and the 1990 version of the show was no exception. We have the classic babyface champion Warrior against a formidable contender in Rick Rude.

WWE was riding a huge wave of momentum with the guy they figured was going to replace the aging Hulk Hogan. That man was the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior had won the WWE title from Hogan at that year’s WrestleMania and with Summerslam on the horizon, WWE needed a credible opponent for their champion. Enter Ravishing Rick Rude. Rude had beaten Warrior once before at WrestleMania 5. They had a classic encounter at Summerslam 1989 (that’s gonna be a later article) and Rude was one of the few that actually made Warrior work for it and brought out the best in him.

The Match:
While not a technical masterpiece, this match was still more than good. Rude and Warrior waged war inside the steel cage for about 10 minutes. Rude played his role well and at times looked as if he would win the championship. Rude and Warrior put on a show here. Warrior would climb out of the cage and keep his WWE title in the end.

Phranchize Grade and Analysis:
While this match was good, it could’ve benefited from more time. It’s odd that a Summerslam main event, much less a title match, would be so short. 10 minutes isn’t really enough to tell a classic story between these two rivals, but still even with limited time, this match was really great. The story that Rude had beaten Warrior before was a nice touch as it wove into the match. All in all, you can’t really blame the competitors here because they did what they could in a limited time span.


-C. Yates


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